UC question about determining residency

<p>Hey, 2 quick questions the UC app is asking (that I think is used to determine my legal residency) , please please please please please, no one else around me knows: </p>

<li>UC app asks me: "Have you lived in California for at least the last 12 months? "</li>

<p>Is that 12 months at a stretch? If so, I would have to say No - I attend high school overseas. : /. </p>

<li>In another section, the app then says:" “If you’re not a California resident and at least one parent or spouse is a UC employee, your eligibility for admission will be determined according to eligibility requirements used for california residents.”</li>

<p>My dad works for one of the UCs. So, does being determined according to eligibility requirements mean they’ll assess me for admission as a UC resident (i.e. easier?)? </p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<h1>2- it means you will be considered as an in-state resident, which is less difficult to get into than out of state</h1>

<p>whew, dont' have to worry about number 1 then - thanks hwtf.</p>

<p>As to number 1 even if you don't need it, the real question being asked is whether you are a resident of California last 12 months. If your parents have lived in California for the last 12 months and you live with them except for attending high school overseas, then you are technically living in California for the whole year because your actual home address is California.</p>

<p>oh I see drusba. Thanks : )!</p>