UC Question-- four year transf.

<p>Hi, I was wondering about this dilemma of mine. I attended a 4-year school in Nevada last year, then I left and am now full-time enrolled at my local Community college in California. I am still a California resident. I have 33 Units from the 4-year school, however it was a private school and I'm pretty sure only like 4-5 classes will end up transferring. At community college I am taking statistics, English 1B(the second one I need) and Biology, Philosophy and Spanish. I should be ready to transfer in for 2009, and since I am a California resident and coming from a California Community college, will they still consider me so? I am worried because I attended the 4-year college for a year; I don't know if they will still give me the same priority as other CC transfers from Cali. Also if some of the courses from the first school don't transfer, will they hold that against me because it wouldn't equal 60 units? Or would they excuse it since I actually have completed 60 units? And also If they don't take me because classes don't transfer and they need 60 credits which count-- if I take another year--that would put me at over the credit limit for a 4 year and CC transfer?
How do I know If I would be a senior status applicant? I mean taking 4 year college classes freshmen year, then all lower division work at CC wouldn't I still be a junior level applicant despite the number of credits?
Also what do you think my chances are of getting into the mid UC's, like: UCSB, UCD, UCSD, and UCI; and even UCLA?
GPA for 1st year of college 3.35
GPA for this first CC semester planned to get around 3.6 or higher.
Major- English or Philosophy.
I have also taken a few programming courses A's and B's as well as econ and accounting c and B+.
Btw I should be able to finish IGETC by the spring quarter if I can transfer into next FALL.
** Do you think the admissions would view me as more competitive since I took accounting, programming, and economics? Most English majors don't have as much of a course breadth. I took those courses because I was trying to find out what I wanted to study; Its lame but do you think this would be a disadvantage for me because of those who have completed more English classes, since not taking other courses of interest? Or an advantage since I took courses with more rigor and breadth, and am pretty close to the prerequisite's being finished?
Any type of feedback would be great thanks!</p>

<p>I would apply and see what happens. If you aren't admitted you should be able to contact the campuses to see why you weren't admitted. If we find that you are short units we can advise you on how many more units need to be completed to meet eligibility and how many to complete to stay under the unit cap. We only will consider UC transferable courses when reviewing your application. Please contact the UC campus to discuss if they will consider you a CCC transfer student or not. You might event try signing a TAG agreement if available at your school; this can offer an insight to your units and CCC status.</p>