Uc residency help

Hi! So I am a California resident (I’ve been living here for the past 3 years) and I just got into a UC for the fall semester. I submitted my statement of legal residence as a transfer but I guess i messed up by saying my mother who does not live in California would also be supporting me so I was classified as a non-resident. I want to submit my appeal since I was previously living under my uncle as a guardian for the three years and also filed my own taxes and make my own income. I wanted to ask if it was possible to appeal and be reclassified as a resident. Thank you

  1. So you are not getting any support from your Mother?
  2. You are living independently with no support from your uncle?
  3. Are you 24 years of age?
  4. Can you prove you are living independently?


Not an expert on this topic but, generally, if you moved to CA as a CC student and have been continuously enrolled - you are OOS of tuition purposes.

Good luck with your appeal though - and post what your results so we can all learn how this shakes out.

Hi! Thanks for replying guys! So I was living under my uncle as a legal guardian for the 2 years I spent at community college. I recently moved closer to campus with a friend because of early classes and not being able to commute for a long while. I misinterpreted the residency question and just thought they were asking about my parents, not my guardian in California, which is where I messed up.

At this moment, I have been financially independent from my uncle since I moved out of his house.

Just for reference, I am 19 and I’m not sure if I actually am independent or not because my mum usually sends me money when I need help but apart from that, I fully do everything on my own.

I’m not sure if any of this makes sense but any help is appreciated!!

Was your uncle named your legal guardian through the courts? If you moved to CA to go to college then it sounds like you’re there for educational purposes. I don’t think that meets their residency requirements.

Independent means financially independent. How long have you lived on your own? A couple of months? A year? How much money does your mom give you?

I’ve lived on my own with a roommate for almost a year now. My mum sends money once in a while, usually to give other family members as well as myself. Only once in a few months though. I’m pretty sure my uncle got guardianship through the courts because my mum provided me with court documents that she signed showing that the transferred guardianship to him until I became legal.

Honestly I’m trying to stay positive but I’m losing all hope and I don’t even know where to find that kind of money for the costs anytime soon.

I’m still going to go through with the appeal to see what happens but does anyone have any other advice for me please. Thank you!!

SO why does your uncle have legal guardianship? Was that just to get college instate? And where are you from that you use mum vs mom? Are you a US citizen?
I think you want to be really careful how this proceeds if you got instate CC rates in the past. There are some good resources here, use them, because to me it looks like you went to CA for college, period. Who did all the paperwork for the guardianship and instate CC stuff?

Where’s your dad? Did he sign the papers too?

I think you need a financial safety. What state do your parents live in? Could you afford to commute to a college if you lived there?