UC Residency?

<p>I'm from Alaska, and attending University of Alaska Anchorage. I'm interested in transferring to UCSC. My father currently lives in California and I'm under his insurance. Could I possibly qualify for in-state tuition?</p>

<p>I was at UCSC on preview day and someone asked this question. Basically it comes down to who claims you as a dependent on their tax return and which state THAT person resides in. So if your dad is in CA but another guardian in Alaska claims you on their taxes then no. If you wanted to switch residencies ( the admissions officer made this sound very difficult and complicated) you would have to prove residency for at least a year in California. Basically CA wants to know that you or a guardian has payed the state its due in taxes before you are benefited with in-state tuition. Contact an admissions adviser if you plan on changing state residencies so you can get CA citizenship as soon as possible.</p>