UC Riverside Class of 2022 Waitlist

Does anyone know the earliest you can hear back from UCR’s waitlist?? Or has anyone declined their acceptance?

I got accepted for neuroscience. However, I haven’t accepted or declined the offer.

I am currently waitlisted for a bio major

Assume you will hear after May 1 so you need to accept another school until you hear from UCR.

As I have decided to accept at another school I was trying to “decline” my acceptance at UCR. They only show accept SIR, not a decline choice. Unfortunate I can’t free up a space early. If anyone knows how to decline…

Would they release the waitlisted around may 15 like last year, but I’m worry about the unusual changes happen to uc this year, for example, the system crush and ucsc doesn’t release waitlist yet like last year

1470 SAT 3.7 GPA waitlisted for mechanical engineering

I was waitlisted, but they sent me a financial aid scholarship

Waitlisted for ME with a 3.86 and 1230. Probably wont attend as he is waitlisted for CPP which is his top choice right now. SIR’d for SDSU.

i also got the finantial aid scholarship… i call admissions and they said it that mean nothing if I don’t get accepted :frowning:

Yeah I called as well

Did you SIR to any other school?

I also got waitlisted for biology at ucr

If we are on waitlist do we have to sir to ucr and another school that we got accepted to?

@Brilovesbananas you have to accept your waitlist but no money needs to be paid. YOu also need to sir for a school that you got in for by the deadline (most are today) and pay the money for there that is typically non refundable.

Has anyone heard back from the waitlist?

Havent heard a peep! Someone posted earlier that last year it was the 15th so I figured I’d wait until then and start looking.

Just got accepted off waitlist!!

Congrats @ama1999 what major and stats did you have

@Bean981 thank you!
My major is biology. SAT :1220, gpa: 3.6 UW (I think), 3.9 W (also a guess, I don’t really remember my GPA too clearly). EC: three years of varsity cheer, 2 club leadership positions, tutor, and I worked as a server. I was in yearbook and have a leadership position there as well. I had a few community service hours out there. My essays were very personal, about major events that have recently happened to me and must be known to understand who I have become and I highlighted what qualities I thought were represented in it.
Lmk if anyone wants to know more or if I missed anything, I’ve never posted my stats before