Applicants and Admitted students post your questions or discussions on this thread. Once decisions are posted, please list your stats and other pertinent information on the Official Decision Thread.

Best of luck to all.

Did UCR send out early acceptance yet?

decisions are starting tom right??

But Sunday is not a work day though.

I heard March 2nd from somewhere.

No confirmed date for decisions but last year, the decisions started posting on Friday March 1. Best of luck to all.

My guess it’ll be tomorrow since I doubt they’d send anything on a Sunday

If the decision release is under an automated system, then it could potentially release today! Hopefully it does.

Found a confirmed date for decisions! Starting March 2nd, and rolling from there. Check this link out: https://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/counselors/files/campus-admission-notificcation-deadlines-2020.pdf

It’s 6:41 and I’m refreshing my email every 10 minutes.

Does anyone know what time the decision usually posts?

Probably sometime in the afternoon…

who else is excited

im nervous excited

I hope it comes out tomorrow for me because I didn’t get the UCSC early admit last week and that really took a shot at my confidence. I’m looking forward to tomorrow!

Good luck, landies and gentlemen. Tomorrow might determined our destiny.

I mean ladies

Application portal changed to being considered for an admission decision

Same here!