UC Riverside Class of 2025 — Regular Decision Date: March

Now that the UC application submission filing period has opened, I have posted a thread for discussions regarding the UC campuses. Please post any questions of interest in regards to the specific UC campuses and the UC application process.

Best of luck to all.

Does UCR send out early acceptance ?

@mochiko: They used to send out early acceptances to applicants that received either the Regent, Chancellor or Highlander scholarships however, for the last few years, they have had rolling acceptances starting in March which is the same timeline for the majority of the UC decisions.

@gumbymom Hi! Do you think that UCR decisions will be coming out today?

It is March now so hopefully in the next few weeks.

When I got accepted two years ago, it was on March 26, but due to the pandemic I don’t know if that would delay admissions or not. All I know is that based off of the pattern two years ago, there was a huge wave of admissions on March 1, so if not today, possibly by the end of this week.


so do decisions come out on a rolling basis within this month? is there a batch coming out today

Decisions do come out on a rolling basis within this month, but I think the batch starts coming out tomorrow, March 2nd.

My portal updated earlier today from a message saying that they received my application to:
"Your application is currently being considered for an admission decision.

Continue to log in and check your homepage for information about your admission status. Don’t forget to check your “Alerts” tab and your “Announcements” tab for information or messages from your admissions counselor. You may find something listed there that we still need from you in order to complete your application and post your admission decision."

What does this mean?

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same here, I also got a new tab called “Documents” do any of you have this tab?

me too. but when I click into it, it says error.

yeah same, just wondering if this was unique to me. cool hopefully we here back soon!

It’s really interesting, when you click on the documents tab and click on, it says

Procedure or function ‘getVisibility’ expects parameter ‘@decisionCode’, which was not supplied.

Visibility of decision code?
Maybe we are almost there :slight_smile:

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The document tab is gone now for me, what about for you guys?

Mine did the same thing and then now it went back to the original one and it has this tab called documents

Document tab is gone for me as well!

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Mine shows me a list of things and says now that I haven’t turned in a transcript

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Really? Hm that might be a good sign actually for you! Is there a chance decisions can come out today?


D got accepted


Son’s documents section now shows “Highlander Orientation Attendance Record” as not received, which is apparently UCR’s mandatory 2-day orientation series. :woman_shrugging:

Also, when you click on the “provisions” tab (new) it talks about how admission is provisional, and shows his status as “admitted” at the bottom with $250 showing as due if he files his SIR. But there’s no “you’ve been admitted” statement on main page or in messages.