UC Riverside Class of 2025 — Regular Decision Date: March


Same bruh Idek anymore

wait do we just hit the add to waitlist and then what is the “make my decision” cus I hit that too and it just says we will contact you in 4 business days or something.

you already chose yes for the waitlist so you’re good. some people don’t press it right away because they have until April 15 to accept the waitlist option.

what are the chances of the waitlist. I don’t know if it is accurate but I saw UCR as one of the highest accepting about 75% of the waitlist in one of the past academic years.

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Also I started a waitlist discussion for those of you on the waitlist for class of 2025.

really?! then I have high hopes

just got waitlisted for pre-business

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i was just waitlisted :skull: im literally dead inside at this point i feel nothing

Wow, I’m so sorry.

What the heck I have nothing…

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I just got waitlisted like 5 minutes ago.

Is there a chance that they will be accepting people too? Or is it just rejects and waitlists now?

Honestly bro you’ve already gotten into Davis and SLO. If you feel like it and if it even marginally helps people who got waitlisted you should rescind your application if you’re more inclined to go to those schools. Just my 2 cents.

Damn got waitlisted. And I really thought this was a safety :clown_face:


Same dawg but just ride out the storm and see what comes on the other side. Lots of people applied so we just have to hope that some of the better admits for ucr got into and plan on attending the other UC’s

Just got waitlisted as well best of luck to all you!

How do I withdraw my application?

does ucr offer triple dorms? i can’t find anything about it on the website and also do they make you pay a housing deposit? if so how much

Has anyone gotten rejected it seems like everyone has gotten either accepted or waitlisted. Does this mean that rejections are next?

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