UC Riverside Class of 2025 — Regular Decision Date: March

I’m going to need to get a job off campus but freshman aren’t allowed to have cars. Is there a student bus line or any other method? I’m not keen on biking because Ive heard the area around campus is sketchy

Why off campus for a job? There should be plenty of on-campus jobs in which you could apply, just start early.

Unless things have changed, Freshman are allowed cars just not recommended due to the limited parking.

I just got in off the waitlist :hushed: this makes things a lot more complicated!



Same here - makes it very complicated (better OOS school vs in-state tuition).

Is it better to go to orientation for your specific college such as CNAS which is on the 22nd or would the orientation for all colleges on the earlier date of the 15th work too?

When will be the next set of waitlist decisions out ? looks like Riverside has extended the SIR to May 14th

Is there any chance of not getting on-campus Freshman housing if you apply by May 10?