UC Riverside Freshman Class of 2026 Discussion

Welcome prospective Highlanders. It’s that time of year again as the UC application has now opened and submission starts November 1. I am @Gumbymom one of the two UC Forum Champions/Moderators. My Co-Forum Champion is @lkg4answers and we are knowledgeable on the increasingly complicated UC admissions process and hopefully we can help any prospective UC applicants with their questions.

UC Riverside like all the UC’s are test blind this admission cycle and will use 13 areas of criteria to review Freshman applicants. Each campus will weight the various areas of criteria differently so one size does not fit all. The UC application website has plenty of information that can help determine if UC Riverside is a good option when applying. Below is some admit information specific to the school. Best of Luck.

2020 Capped Weighted UC GPA Middle 25-75 percentile for admitted students: 3.65-4.11

Application review:

  • Very important : Academic GPA, Personal Insight questions.
  • Important: Rigor of secondary school record
  • Considered : Character/personal qualities, Extracurricular activities, First generation college student, State residency, Talent/ability, Volunteer work, Work experience
  • Note : A fixed weight point system comprehensive review model that culminates in an Academic Index Score to determine admission for incoming freshmen.

UCR admits by major but alternate choice majors will be considered.

For Business: Freshman students must apply to Pre-Business under the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS). The College breadth requirements and the prerequisites for a business major are completed during the Freshman and Sophomore years. An application is submitted at the end of Sophomore year. Upon acceptance, students become Business majors and then advised in the Business Department. Students from any academic major may also complete a Business Minor.


Now that your UC applications have been submitted, here are some items on your “to do list” as you wait for your decisions.

  1. Setup your student portal: Portal information will be emailed during December. Always check your Spam folder in case you do not receive your portal email.

  2. Check your emails from all applied schools regularly for updates. Again check the Spam folder if necessary.

  3. Look into housing options since the Housing application opens March 1, 2022

  4. Remember to file your FASFA if applying for financial aid. Deadline is March 2, 2022 but get it in early.

Admission decisions for UCR:
Regular Decisions are rolling batches starting March 1, 2022.

UCR portal info should have arrived today or this week.

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Did UCR send the email to all applicants already? My son has not received any email from UCR regarding applicant portal or info.

Have him check the Junk/Spam folder first. If not there, then email admissions.

Thank you very much.

ususally, UC decisions arrive late feb or march…

The email they are referring to is one that acknowledges receipt of your application and instructions on how to set up your portal.

My D also said she hasn’t received an email to set up her portal. She said she’s checked junk/spam folders too.

If you cannot locate the email, please submit an inquiry to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at admissions.ucr.edu/ask.


A family member is a transfer applicant and received their email on Dec 13. Just sharing so those who didn’t receive anything know approximately when it would have been sent.


UC Riverside will be holding their Highlander Day open house in person and on campus on April 9, 2022.

More information can be found at https://highlanderday.ucr.edu/ and In-Person & On-Campus Highlander Day 2022 | Undergraduate Admissions


Saw an update information alert on the portal


To update any changes from the application date like grades lower than C or course changes


Anyone see any UCR admits on other platforms?

UCR usually starts admitting in March with rolling waves of decisions.

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Any early admits to UCR?

decisions tmr???