UC Riverside(in-state) vs Purdue for business

We already accepted Purdue University for Business and waiting for UC Riverside which is in-state for us. In case the waitlist comes through would like to find out how the 2 compare for undergrad.

Just a pet peeve, but “we” weren’t accepted unless you’re all enrolling together. :wink:

If things work out like last year, odds are very good your student will get offered admission at UCR.

Purdue is a good school, and they have a good B-school, but they’re best known for engineering. If Purdue is much more expensive, I’d be inclined to choose UCR.

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Thanks. Haha yep ‘we’ aren’t enrolling…just my daughter :slight_smile:

More than the cost it’s the distance/weather and generally is it worth it for undergrad.

This is an unintentionally loaded question that trips postes up all the time on CC. “Worth it” based on what? Do you need to leverage? What would you do with the saved money? The discussion is way more nuanced than a binary go/no go. Purdue has more options for majors, but it will likely cost a lot more, be cold, and difficult to get to.

As a Freshman, UCR admits you into the Business program as a Pre-Business major. The College breadth requirements and the prerequisites for Business Administration major are completed during the freshman and sophomore years. An application to Business Administration is submitted at the end of the sophomore year. Upon acceptance, students become Business Administration majors and are then advised in the School of Business, Undergraduate Business Program Administration. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7 is required with a minimum 2.5 GPA in the combined GPA of the General Business Prerequisites and lower division Business requirements.

I cannot give you a comparison of both schools but have you visited UCR? Both Purdue and UCR’s Business programs are AACSB accredited. Is their a specific concentration/focus that she is interested in pursuing and does both schools offer these areas?

Business is a lot of soft skills which can be gained in both places.

What specific majors are of interest?
We were very impressed with the krannert presentations at purdue.

She is currently interested in Marketing. But it can change as she gets more exposure during the first 1-2 years.

Yes, we also visited Purdue and were quite impressed with the campus and the major. We didn’t get a chance to get a campus tour for Riverside. Just walked around the campus on our own, and it seemed nice…maybe not as impressive as Purdue.

Just wanted a comparison in terms of academics/internship opportunities/job opportunities etc. Other than that college experience.

Thanks. She currently wants to pursue Marketing but likely to change as she gets more exposure to the field. I see the business majors offered in both places are similar.

You can check out the career services here for UCR. Internships and job opportunities rely on the student making the connections with the help of career services. Career Services & Internships | School of Business

UCR is a much bigger business school than Purdue, so i am sure the data will be mixed. Based on the presentation, Purdue students had internships and jobs. The facilities at the business school were also impressive.

But if you are going to go to the midwest for studies, consider IU-Kelley as well. The internships/job placement at Kelley are second to none. Keep in mind both Purdue/IU-Kelley place a lot of students in the chicago area, but it does not mean you cannot get jobs elsewhere.

Kelly is not in the mix. The OP’s student has been accepted to Purdue and is on the waitlist, but likely to be invited off at UCR.

Sure, maybe transfer. Just trying to say as far as internships/job placement go, there is a (arguably better) business school within 100 miles of W Lafayette.

Neither are anywhere close to the OP’s home though.

They are both good schools.

The whole waitlist thing is a pet peeve of mine … often go well into summer. it really does a number on the kids emotionally as well as putting them in a jam for housing, class selection etc.

if those are your only 2 options, and you can afford Purdue, I’d commit there. You can leave the waitlist open and see what happens.

Congrats and good luck