UC Riverside vs. UC Irvine

<p>Which would you go to if you got full ride and honors program to each? Which has the better academics, social life, and environment? My parents are trying to make me go to UC Irvine becasue frankly, they offered me a better deal than what my state university offered me. I 'm still not convinced that it isn't a second-tier school. So can somebody give me more info? I'll be visiting the school soon.</p>

<p>Having grown up in Irvine, I never really thought of UCI as a great or even good school. I applied to UCI knowing I would get in, because everyone does. They invited me to the Campuswide Honors Program a few weeks before I got the actual admissions letter. I decided to go to the Honors Experience Day (which was yesterday), and it really changed the way I look at UCI. The CHP seems amazing; it provides a small, liberal arts college-type atmosphere with all the benefits of a major research institution. If you go through the program, it seems as if you'll be able to get into almost any graduate school you want. It seemed perfect for me, and any negative images I associated with UCI were quickly erased.</p>

<p>I'd strongly advise looking into the CHP program. I hear they only invite the top 3% of applicants, so it isn't the kind of "easy to get into" program that the rest of UCI is known for. I'm not sure if Riverside has this sort of program, but even without CHP, I'm pretty sure UCI is stronger in most everything.</p>

<p>Hope that helped.</p>


<p>I personally don't think there's any debate about this one, unless you're majoring in something that isn't offered at UCI and is offered at Riverside. Since you're from Alabama, I'm assuming that by your state university, you're either talking about UA-Tuscaloosa, UAB, or Auburn. I'd take UCI in a heartbeat over these as well unless you just don't want to leave home.</p>

<p>What do you mean when you say "second-tier"? Most rankings consider the top 50 schools as first-tier, which would include UCI.</p>

<p>UCI is regarded a lot more highly than UCR in general. I'm not saying UCR is bad and I wouldn't just make a decision based on rankings like pretty much everyone else here on CC, but if the cost is the same and you got into honors at both, I'd most definitely go to Irvine.</p>

<p>UCI's only about six miles away from my house, so I never though much of it (until recently), but undoubtedly it's better in academics than UC Riverside.</p>

<p>If you check the US News College Rankings, you'll see that </p>

<p>UCB > UCLA > UCSD > UCD > UCI (#43) > UCSB > UCSC > UCR (#81)</p>

<p>Not to say that UCR is a bad school since it's a UC, but UCI is almost 40 ranks above it. Also, you're out of state so you'd have to pay more, so taking the scholarship may be a good move.</p>

<p>Well, I'm still waiting patiently (<em>jumps up and down</em>) for UCI's admission results.</p>

<p>social life wise ucr is alot better</p>

<p>ecnerwalc3321: did you get into any other UCs? All UCs are relatively decent, but you mgiht wanna thinka bout choosing one with a more traditional college experience. The UCs offering a traditional college experience are: Berkeley, UCD, UCSB, UCR, UCSC and UCLA. So you should really think about that before sending in your SIR.</p>

<p>...Unless you like a lot of attention as an undergrad instead of having to take those large, impersonal classes (I'm talking about CHP students like ecnerwalc, not regular UCI undergrads).</p>

<p>And sixthbatter, why so bitter? Why is #50 suddenly so terrible? I mean, I understand if you can do better than UCI, but going to any university, let alone one in the top fifty, is a privilege for most people and shouldn't be taken for granted. Smart, creative people should be able to do well socially and academically anywhere they go. They should be able to appreciate the merits of their own school without immaturely attacking others. I'm sure you're a smart kid, so why are you wasting your time bashing a school that you don't even go to? Personal grudge? General arrogance? Passion for annoying people?</p>

<p>comparing UCI to UCR is like UPenn to UCSC</p>

<p>No doubt UCI > UCR. </p>

<p>Everyone in California knows this.</p>

<p>are you kidding. Uc Riverside accepts like 85 percent. Definitly UCI over UCR</p>

<p>sixthbatter: i dont get it, what do you mean by 'traditional college experience'? are you saying uci doesnt offer that and offer some other type of experience? there are 8 UC schools not including merced and SF, and yet you named 6/8 schools having 'traditional college experience' and leave out uci, is it THAT bad or something?</p>

<p>What I think he means by UCI not offering a traditional college experience is that UCI is a great college without a great college town to go along with it. There isn't a lot to do in Irvine, unless you really like quiet-ish suburban towns. Still, I think he was being immature attacking a school like that.</p>

<p>la_scorcha: i'm glad you got my point. college without a cool college town isn't very pleasant, especially for someone out of state. that's why i left out UCI and UCSD. You wanna see immature??? check out senor alicantekid</p>

<p>"Yeah, I'm in my late 20s. What am I doing on this board in the middle of a workday? I'm getting paid by your mom and dad's tax dollars while I surf the net, that's what I'm doing. Each time I post I set your family back another meal.</p>

<p>And I'm starting the MBA this fall. I don't have it yet. And if I was going to lie I'd say I had a Wharton MBA.</p>

<p>And don't hate on me because you didn't get into UCLA out of high school and you had to transfer there." - alicantekid</p>

<p>Choose UCI unless you consider a trailer park to be great off-campus housing</p>

<p>Mean Riverside jokes aside, UCI is better in every aspect than UCR. THe students at UCR could not get into any other UC's, and that is why they are there. It is not anyone's dream school...just a backup for everyone. The same can deinitely not be said about UCI. Top notch programs, especially in science and computer type majors, great location in a safe area, beautiful campus, WAY better reputation, and more intelligent students. I think the choice is simple.</p>

<p>I thought UCI had an on campus trailerpark for students!!!</p>

<p>They used to but not anymore.</p>

<p>sixthbatter, I don't think alicantekid is necessarily being immature. I see it as helping out kids see the good in a school that doesn't appear that attractive at first glance. And while I totally get what you're saying about UCI being sort of boring (I grew up in Irvine, so I know), I don't see the point in telling people not to go there unless you've gone to college there. I think creative, intelligent people will be able to make the best out of any college they go to. I just went to a stay-over program there, and I liked it very much. It's not always about what the town offers, it's about what kind of people you find. And I found some really intelligent, fun people in addition to the ones that play Halo 2 all day.</p>

<p>the above was well said and i applaud it. i am a proponent of schools that offer a traditional college atmosphere, but you are right; those that are creative and intelligent will make the best out of any college.</p>

<p>"Choose UCI unless you consider a trailer park to be great off-campus housing
" great quote</p>