UC San Diego Fall 2021: Transfer Waitlist Thread

This is a tread for transfers waitlisted to UC San Diego.

I’ll start:
Major: CS
GPA: 3.93
Stats: 4th year CCC student with IEGETC completed, 1.5 yr CS internship exp, and good essays.
Accepted: None RIP
Waitlisted: UCB, UCSD
Rejected: UC Irvine (I rejected them last year lmao)
Good luck all waitlisted folks.


Has anyone trolled past years’ thread to see the timing trend for waitlist offers? Just committed to UC Davis, but inclined to withdraw if UCSD comes through - way closer to home.

Major: Computer Science
3.85 GPA
ECs: 3 part time jobs, nothing else
okay essays.

Really hoping for a miracle to get off the waitlist, gonna commit to SB in the meantime

Don’t commit til u have to June 1st so u don’t risk $250 or $2k whatever it is.

Accepted: UCI, UCR
Rejected: UCLA, UCB, UCSB
Major: CE
GPA: 3.82

Anyone know when we’re gonna be notified?

Major: Computer Science
GPA: 4.0
IGETC: incomplete
ECs: was a part of the PUENTE organization, did a lot of community work
Units: 62-63 cant remember
missingLowerDiv: Linear, Discrete
Accepted: Cal Poly Pamona
Waitlisted: UCSD
Rejected: UCI, CalPoly SLO

for reference I am an in-state one-year transfer
Major: Econ/Communications
GPA: 3.3 (cumulative), 4.0 (Full-time college), 4.0 (PCC), 4.0 (SMC)
IGETC: Complete
Major prep: missing 1 recommended course, 1 IP
Units: ~75+ (mostly from HS)
ECs: Girls golf captain (HS), around 400 hours volunteered at hospital, various hs leadership roles, VP of student gov at CC, online tutor for low income NYC kids, Sigma Chi Eta, Deans list
Waitlisted: UCSD, UCSB, CSUF
Rejected: UCI, CalPoly SLO, UCLA, Cornell
Waiting: USC, GWU, NYU, SCU, American

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Are we able to know what major we are waitlisted for?

Computer Science
CC in San Jose
Dean’s List,Phi Theta Kappa, 10 months of internship exp at NASA
Completed all requirements, Graduating with AST in June
Accepted: CPP
Waitlisted: UCSD, UCI
Rejected: UCLA
Pending: USC and GTECH

Guess that B in philosophy outweighed all my work exp. Rip my life. Hopefully, I get lucky really don’t want to go to CPP.

Major Cogsci
Gpa: 3.2
School: CCC
Major prep: incomplete
Igetc: Incomplete

Wait list: UCSB, UCSD

I want to go to ucsd so badly

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CPP is not a bad school at all for CS & the campus is really gorgeous. I hope you get one of your other choices, but just wanted to throw some love for CPP out there.

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Major - Psych (Human Development alternative)
Gpa: 3.52
School: community college in Los Angeles County
Major prep: Complete
IGECT: Complete
AA-T in Psych (and additional AA in behavioral science)
Mediocre ECs - volunteer and internship in psych-related areas
Essays were strong

Accepted: UCI, UCD, CPP, CSULA
Waitlist: UCSD
Nope: SDSU, UCR (was missing a UCR specific requirement)
Waiting: UC Merced

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woah you’re STILL waiting on Merced?


(1st) Major: Communications
(2nd) Major: Sociology w/ Focus on Culture and Communications

UC GPA: 3.5
Cum GPA: 2.9


  • Non-traditional Student returning from after 8 year break
  • Santa Monica College
  • IGETC: Completed and Certified
  • 11 years of Retail Work Exp
  • Work Exchange for Music Festivals
  • Merch & Side-Ops for Insomniac

I’m confident my essay prompts and executions were lovely, but there’s a ton of competition so I’m hoping my establishing a network in my field of work already is what is giving me an edge.

Applied: USC, UCLA, UCSB, and UCSD
Rejected: UCLA (tbh, their staff is hella pretentious, and my email communications were like pulling teeth, so idgaf)
Waitlisted: UCSB and UCSD
Pending: USC (tbh USC is my first choice but responses aren’t scheduled till May 21st :sweat_smile:)

If I did have to attend a UC, UCSD is where I’d love the city, people, and either of my major choices!

I hope my arrogance in only applying to UCs doesn’t screw me :sob:

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Yeah, honestly it was a UC safety, and I’m kind of pissed it stills shows as “pending”. LOL

Major: Computer Science
GPA: 3.95 when I Applied, 3.87 after TAU (Because of a B in Calc III)
EC: Some Clubs and a Part Time Job
IGETC: Complete
Prereqs: In Progress, will complete by the end of the Spring term.
Units: 89
Essays: Good, definitely not terrible

Hoping for some good news in the coming months.

Major: Political Science
GPA: 3.54
IGETC and major prep completed

Accepted: UCD, UCSB, UCSC, UCR
Waitlist: UCSD, UCI
Rejected: UCB, UCLA

Davis is close to important capitol for poli sci

i dont think waitlist decision will come out before june… i hope people who got accepted got to better schools lol i really want to go to sd