UC San Diego Fall 2021: Transfer Waitlist Thread

One person just said they got admitted off the waitlist today
I’m going to assume they’re doing it automatically rather than batches.

@CalMoon Hmmm where did you see that somebody said they’ve been accepted off of the waitlist? Especially since it is 9:30 AM here in Los Angeles and I see that you wrote that about nine hours ago. And I just read through all 41 comments which includes yours on this thread and I didn’t see anything unless somehow I missed it.

They said they got an email around 11 pm yesterday.

was it on reddit?

it was in the ucsd discord!

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Major: Political Science - Data Analytics
School: CCC

GPA: 3.54
IGETC: Complete
Major Preparation: Complete (all required and recommended courses)
Units: ~67 (by the end of spring semester)

Accepted: UCD (TAG)
Waitlisted: UCI (for a different major), UCSD
Rejected: UCB, UCLA

UCSD is the only UC with this specific major (which means it has a relatively high yield rate
:neutral_face:), so I’m hoping I get in off the waitlist!


We have the same exact stats for the same exact major… lmao and I also got waitlisted at UCSD and UCI

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Isn’t the lower the yield rate the better your chances of getting off the waitlist?

@lunathekitten I’m not on that and I basically am on here to get information to provide to my son who is the one who was waitlisted. And I know he has no desire to join any of these platforms.
I wonder if the person who said that if they are the only one to say that, not that they’ll be taking a lot of people off the waitlist but I wonder if perhaps they were just saying that to stir the pot a little bit because I would think on this forum people would be letting us know whether they had received an email.

no, the person was telling the truth :slight_smile: no reason to assume that they were lying, they were very lucky to get off the list so early. they got an email from a counselor saying that ucsd made an administrative mistake and they fixed it and admitted the person. just like ur son who doesn’t wanna be in the discord, that person is probably not interested in being here also :slight_smile:


lol good luck to both of us ig :sob: i hope we hear from them soon

yes! my major has one of the highest yield rates at UCSD :sob:

I denied the UCI waitlist, so I hope that helps you lol

lmao me too… i really just wanted ucsd for this major. but we’ll see what happens i guess!