UC San Diego Fall 2022: Transfer Thread

It’s that time of the year again!

UCSD is my dream and target school so i’m really hoping I get in this time. I applied last year for fall 2021 as a transfer student for cogsci but unfortunately I got waitlisted and ultimately rejected. My last year’s GPA was 3.2 and IGETC and major prep were both incomplete. Hopefully I get in this time with a better GPA, and with everything completed.

Here’s my stats heading into this application season:

Major: Cognitive Science
GPA: 3.4 (hopefully 3.5 after TAU)
Alternate Major: Econ
Extracurriculars: Part time job
IGETC: Complete after fall semester
Major prep: Completed
Gender: Male
In-state/OOS/International?: California Community College
Where else did you apply?: UCI, UCLA, UCB, UCSB, UCD