UC San Diego GE Courses

Hi! Can anyone provide me a link to the general education courses provided in UC San Diego?

Do you want a list of courses offered or a list of the GE requirements?

For courses, you can look at the course catalog. Be aware that not all courses are offered every quarter or even every year.

Your GE requirements will depend on which college you were admitted into.
Graduation Requirements


UCSD Colleges


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Do you know if it’s possible to test out of certain requirements? Our daughter was accepted to ERC which requires four years of foreign language. She’s been taking Spanish since first grade so we’re wondering if she should try to test out of one or two years or just start with a new language (she’s currently in IB Higher Level Spanish and would rather try a new language than potentially repeat material she has learned in HS).

UCSD has a Spanish Language test for placement. See the link: Placement Test

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Thank you!