UC San Diego hopeful!

<p>I am a rising Senior and UCSD is currently my first choice school! I'm just hoping to get more insight into the University from current students. What do you like/dislike about UCSD? My tour guide obviously just regurgitated the positives that any true prospective students are already familiar with. What made you ultimately choose UC San Diego? Would you make the same decision if you could choose again? Anything you think would be helpful is greatly appreciated. Congrats to everyone who has been admitted! University of California - San Diego '15 would look so nice on my facebook page :). Also, any other UCSD hopefuls are encouraged to post questions, comments, etc.</p>

<p>If no one posts on my thread I'm going to feel really awkward.</p>

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<p>post to alert you to the presence of the archives -- this forum has been buzzing for a few years, and you'll find more in there than you'll find in any single post.</p>

<p>good luck!</p>

<p>10char!!!! Ok I posted.</p>

<p>^Na I'm kidding. I picked UCSD because I really liked the campus when I toured it and it felt like a comfortable place to me.</p>

<p>I'm not a "current" student, yet. (1 more month! :D )
But, I chose UCSD over UC Berkeley, and I'm not even a science/bio major.
I loved the 6 college system idea, so I got to take the GEs that fit with what I want.
The beach + amazing weather/location helps. :)
I'm not a big partier, so I'd rather be a relaxed flip-flop wearing kid who goes to ERC cultural nights rather than being stressed out in rainy weather and get wasted on the weekend.
UCSD kids are super academically driven, yet have a blast at Sungod.</p>

<p>I've met a lot of UCSD alumni, upperclassmen and did research. All the people who didn't like UCSD are kids who wanted a bigger party scene, wanted CAL/LA instead, and didn't
like the extreme asian-ness.</p>

<h2>Here's something I found by someone that graduated UCSD this year:</h2>

<p>Do you like UCSD?
Actually, no. I’m the biggest, most whine-tastic ******* when it comes to *****ing and moaning about my school. Don’t get me wrong — most people absolutely love UCSD. Its year-round Socal weather, its proximity to beaches and its laid-back atmosphere are definite pluses. But I’ve just never felt at home here, nor have I really met the lifelong friends that you expect to emerge from college with (minus Annie, John and Sylvie, LURVE YOU!).</p>

<p>The way the campus is set up (six separate colleges, very huge and spread out) makes it more difficult to meet people. Perhaps I’m just socially lethargic because I never joined any clubs here, either, unless you count my stint at the campus newspaper — but nothing has ever really caught my interest. And I peaced out after a week as a Kappa Zeta Phi pledge. There are no sports teams to rally around here, the alumni network is somewhat of a joke, bureaucratic red tape is always a nightmare and the administration doesn’t appear to give two stinky turds about anybody.</p>

<p>I thought I was just a social outcast with a very narrow taste in friends, but I fell in love with about 10 people while studying abroad for four months, which is already more than I can say for four years at this school.</p>

<p>I love the college-town feel to UC Berkeley and the foodie paradise that is UCLA’s Westwood. I love that NYU is smack in the middle of the city with access to just about everything. (All schools I didn’t get into despite my stellar sob-story essays, prolific participation in extracurricular activities and 2190 SAT score. Metaphorical middle finger to my high school for being the 36th best in the nation, meaning I was ranked like 372/500 and pretty much the class moron.)</p>

<p>UCSD’s La Jolla, on the other hand, is a city that sort of caters to old people with cars and money. I do express the sloth-like behavior of an old person, but I didn’t have a car for my first three years and certainly don’t have money.</p>

<p>Sometimes I regret that I never made any effort to transfer out once I fell into the lazy rhythm of San Diego. That being said, my academic apathy (and the ability to enjoy said apathy and still do moderately well in school) probably contributed to my obsession with the interwebs, which has led to a lot of pretty fantastical things, including my frequent postings to this blog.</p>

<p>Maybe I just need to hit the beach more.</p>

<p>The lack of a party scene definitely is something that I would look forward to. Going to a high school where 85% of the kids get drunk every weekend can be overwhelming. Great response paperhearts :)</p>

<p>Also, congrats on getting in and good luck your first year!</p>

<p>sure! :) let me know if you have more questions</p>