UC Santa Barbara Campus Visits: Share Your Tips & Recommendations

Did you recently visit UC Santa Barbara? Share your experience with the community! Post your review in the comments below.

Some ideas for what to share:

  • When did you visit?
  • Where did you stay? Would you recommend it?
  • Where did you eat? Did you try any local specialties?
  • How did you get there? What’s the best transportation mean to get to-from the campus?
  • What was the campus vibe?
  • What did you think of the dorms?
  • What are some must-see things in or around campus?
  • How were the school facilities?
  • Did you like it more or less than you thought you would? Why?
  • Did anything surprise you?

We’d love to hear any tips or recommendations you can share for people planning their UCSB visit!

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We visited UC Santa Barbara on Friday, June 9, 2023, the last day of instruction before final week. The visit was 2 hours including 30 minute admission presentation + 15 minute Q&A opportunity + 75 minute guided walking tour.

We did not stay overnight as we live within a day’s trip driving distance back & forth. We did not get a chance to experience the surrounding areas like Isla Vista.

The tour was lead by 1 tour guide and the tour included walking inside various buildings.

It was an overcast gray day, so we did not get to experience first hand the beauty of UC Santa Barbara as depicted in @Edward_Ding 's photos. :clap:

Both S24 and S27 were excited to see sand volleyball courts by the dorms and students playing on them. (Note: The tour didn’t include going inside the dorms.)

After the tour, we ate lunch at the https://www.theclub.ucsb.edu/ on campus. (It appears that non-members can book a room there as well.)

The students seem happy and the chillax vibe appears most similar to that of Cal Poly SLO’s. Both S24 and S27 like UC Santa Barbara and recognize that it is a reach.

The only surprise was that the tour guide didn’t know where Munger Hall will be built. I looked it up afterwards. Here is info: Munger Hall | Office of Strategic Asset Management

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