**UC Santa Cruz Class of 2025 Decisions (Stats only)**

Decision: Accepted
Major: Comp Sci
ELC (top 9%): Not 100% sure, probably yes.
Weighted GPA: 4.5
UW GPA: 3.9
“Fresh” essay per GC, unusual natural science related ECs, 400+ hours of community service, no leadership really, varsity sport
Instate: Yes
Male, white
High school: Small Catholic
Strong rigor for HS, 6 APs including AP Calc (5,4,3, 3 senior), 4 college courses (all As)
ACT: 33 single sitting
NHS, CSF, Presidents’ awards for service and academic excellence
Parents both graduate degrees
Do not qualify for aid

Accepted EA: Santa Clara, Seattle U, WPI, U Mass Amherst (not honors), Colorado Mines, CU Boulder, U Vermont Honors
Waitlisted: UW
Rejected: Not yet
Still waiting: Cal Poly, UCSB, UCLA, UCSD, Tufts, Notre Dame, BC, Dartmouth

To any juniors looking here I recommend taking the College Essay Guy workshop and/or reading his book. Parents read Jeff Selingo and Rick Clark’s books on college admissions. Read about the value of intellectual curiosity in admissions and explore what you love, look for opportunities and think beyond your school. Also recommend the Getting In College Conversation and Your College Bound Kid podcasts. Get started in June. Good luck.

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This is a stats only discussion.
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Decision: Admitted
Major: Art and Design: Games and Playable Media
Weighted GPA: 4.38
Unweighted: 3.83
UC Capped: 4.0
Instate: Yes

3 AP’s (Senior Year: Drawing, Eng LIT, Comp Sci A)
All Honors classes

Accepted: University of Utah (B.S. Games)
Waitlisted: UCI (B.S. Game Design and Interactive Media)
Rejected: None
Still waiting: None (only applied to 3)

Decision: Admitted
Major: Psychology
ELC: Yes
GPA: 4.3 weighted, 3.9 UW
Pretty AP-heavy course load; AP Psych, AP Gov, US, World, Chem, Lang, Lit
No major awards but pretty good extracurriculars- harvard summer school, garden club founder, hundreds of volunteer hours at an animal shelter and at the garden
No letters of recommendation, my PIQs were about my experiences with mental health in conjunction with the environment and the garden (its a bigger deal than it sounds lol, it was a whole mess)
No financial aid
both parents are college grads
I think I was accepted on a general well roundedness of my application. Good luck everyone! (:

Decision: Admitted

Merit scholarships awarded (if any): none

Major (and division if applicable) applied to: Environmental Science


UC Unweighted GPA: 3.7

UC Capped Weighted GPA: 4.1

UC Fully Weighted GPA: 4.3

ELC (top 9%): idk tbh lol

Comments about course load (including senior year):
Sophomore year: AP World History, Spanish 3 Honors, and Honors Chemistry
Junior year: AP Stats, AP Spanish Lang, AP US History, AP English Lang, Honors Precalculus, and AP Chemistry
Senior year: AP English Lit, AP Environmental Science, AP Calculus BC, AP Microeconomics, AP Government and Politics, AP Physics, and AP Biology.

SAT Subject Tests (if any): none

AP exams (scores in parentheses): AP Spanish Lang (3) and AP English Lang (3)

IB exams (score in parentheses): none

Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): CSF and volunteer awards


For the following, indicate level of recognition or award (e.g. local, state, national, international) and/or leadership roles: see extracurriculars

I’ve started my own nonprofit organization based on encouraging local youth to practice healthy eating and sustainability along with a paid internship in So-Cal with vegan dietitians who practice sustainability and reverse diverse diseases through plant-based diets. I started my own club in my high school for my denomination and encourage my fellow students to help others in our community. I deliver groceries to residents at my local nursing home and I’ve made homemade masks for them at the beginning of the pandemic. I’ve also done my own research and wrote a paper about the effects of GMOs on the human body and the impacts it has on soil and water quality. I’ve done many mission trips to impoverished parts of Mexico and built shelters for them.

Job/Work Experience: Paid Internship w/ registered dietitians.

Volunteer/Community service: listed above

Summer Activities: listed above

Personal Insight essays (details): really strong and excellent 10/10

Letters of recommendation/Augmented Review: none


State (if domestic applicant): in-state

Country (if international applicant):

High school type: public

Gender: female

Applied for need-based financial aid?: yes

Pell grant eligible?: none

Maximum Pell grant (FAFSA EFC = $0)?: none

Highest level of parent education: post-grad

Living with both, one, or no parents?: both


Strengths: GPA, PIQs, and extracurriculars

Weaknesses: sophomore semester grades

Why you think you were accepted/waitlisted/rejected: PIQs and extracurriculars

Where else were you accepted/waitlisted/rejected:
Accepted: UCR, UC Merced, CSULB, CSUB, SFSU, Cal Poly Pomona, CSUF, CSULA, Concordia University Irvine, Gannon University, Hawaii Pacific University, and UC Santa Cruz
Waiting: UCLA, UC Berkely, UCSB, SDSU, UCSD, USC, UC Davis, BU, University of Miami, and Pitzer College

Be a well-rounded student, show interest in your major!!!

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Decision for my D21: Admitted
UC GPA: 4.11W
Major: Human Bio

HS course rigor (AP/IB/DE): 7 APs, 2 Honors, 2 community college courses

Internships/Volunteer Work info: Neuro Medical Internship, Asst. Dir. for Community Youth Ensemble, Musical Instrument Coach

ECs: Several Leadership Roles. Marching Band 4 yrs., Tournament of Roses Honor Band, Wind Ensemble 4yrs., Jazz Band 4 yrs., High School Theatre Orchestra Pit, Youth Symphony Orchestra

Admitted: UCSC, CPP
Denied: UCI
Waiting for: CalPoly SLO, UCB, UCD, UCLA, UCSB

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Decision: Waitlisted
Major: Art and Design: Games and Playable Media
Unweighted: 3.79
UC Capped: 3.97
Instate: Yes - Public
son took a special concentration in creative media studies with 5+ college courses in media/design. Took a summer class @UCSC in game design and got an A. He has a pretty impressive portfolio. This school was one of his very top choices so he hopes to clear the waitlist.

Good luck to all who were accepted today, congrats it is quite the accomplishment.

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Decision: Admitted

Major:Computer science

ELC: idk

Unweighted GPA: 3.54

Weighted GPA: 3.96

Weighted and Capped GPA: 3.88

Instate: Yes

10 AP’s (5 senior year)

very limited cs related ECS

Accepted: UCSC

Rejected: UCI UCSB


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