**uc santa cruz class of 2025 discussion**

He has kept up on his portals, and there hasn’t been to-do’s from any of the UC’s. That doesn’t worry me. I know the CSU’s need more because they can’t go by much more than classes. The UC’s have his essays and more about his EC’s.

I’m so excited for you! it’s always a relief to have a solid option on the table. I really hope you get into UCSC or UCSB - you clearly have a strong record behind you and I hope that hard work results in a spot at your dream school. Good luck!


Thank you so much for the kind and reassuring words! I’m really hoping for UCSC and UCSB but now that I have a great option available I feel a lot more patient and a lot less stressed.


And you can’t beat the price of Cal Poly for instate!


Got accepted to Santa Cruz on 2/22 - got the email at 7:09pm EST. Robotics Engineering.


Congrats! If you could, please share your stats on **UC Santa Cruz Class of 2025 Decisions (Stats only)** - #4 by smileygrl
it really helps prospective students out.

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Thank you ! And as for my extracurriculars;

  • I’ve been playing soccer since the age 3. Club Soccer (2010-present); team captain (2018-present); Arranged monthly bonding events and Led fundraiser to fund for new equipment (collected $700)
  • varsity high school soccer team (9th-11th grade)
  • Volunteer assistant coach for a youth girls soccer team (2016-present)
  • Tutored a 3rd grader for 2 years (11th & 12th grade)
    Overall my extracurriculars only seem to revolve around soccer. I also wrote my PIQs 2 days before the deadline so they were poorly written and very disorganized.

Does anybody know when art + design programs notify of admission? Portfolios were not due till 2/23 so I assume those admissions wouldn’t be announced till the end of the Cal Poly admission notifications.

Do we expect that the next wave will be around March 20? Or is that the very last wave

I’m not sure when the next wave will be, but I’d expect it to be anywhere from March 6th to March 20th.

When do the ones that have been accepted to UCSC typically find out if they have been awarded a regent scholarship?

Last year it was around March 23 after most of the decisions were posted.


it’s a good question - if you find out please post. - interested

I know this is the UCSC chat but UC Riverside and UC Merced have released decisions.


Has anyone heard from UCSC, UCSB, UCI, or UCSD yet??

I haven’t gotten any decisions from those 4 colleges, but I think UCSB said that they would release decisions on March 16th.

nothing from any of those 4, nor UCLA, UCB, UCD

my application is still pending for uc merced

I was accepted to UCSC

Perhaps decisions are coming out in waves like with UCSC