**uc santa cruz class of 2025 discussion**

bioE I think. btw, did anyone get regents or is that supposed to come out later?

Son accepted for Computer Science. 4.23 UC capped.


Anyone get in today who is not a STEM major?

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Congratulations! Did you get an email notifying you or did you just check the portal?

My son did not get email. We checked the portal.

please post stats here! **UC Santa Cruz Class of 2025 Decisions (Stats only)**

Even I have the same question.

WGPA: 4.16; UW GPA: 3.98
took 7 APs, a bunch of advanced/honors classes
didn’t realize they weren’t allowed to use my SAT score, but I got a 1460


Hello! I just created an account because I just received my first UC acceptance!

  • I was admitted for computer science in the BSOE
  • 4.0 UW, 4.75 uncapped weighted, 4.17 capped weighted GPA (according to rogerhub)
  • 35 ACT, 800 Math 2 subject test, and 800 Physics subject test
  • Pretty good extracurricular activities that are related to CS
  • Solid essays
  • In-state male
    I plan on becoming a banana slug unless UC Berkeley blesses me with an acceptance. Good luck everyone!

Congratulations! If anyone else gets admitted today please post it here. I’ve been checking my portal every 5 minutes for an update. Hopefully more acceptances will come out later today.


Thank you!! I hope they send an acceptance letter your way. I know CS is very competitive, but I believe you should get in with your stats. Good luck!

got today, no email, checked the portal, it said admitted, CS major

So, so far it looks like just CS and Bio E have released?

I saw someone who applied for history in the stats thread, too

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I really don’t think this is just by major. I know for sure that athletes who have talked to coaches hear today. It seems like they are pulling some high stat kids, but I don’t think it is a case of waves by major. I guess we’ll see as a few weeks go by.


accepted for business management economics - 4.3W


Thank you. I missed that stats thread.

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has anyone been waitlisted/denied today?

Sorry you meant non stem. I posted acceptance a Physics major

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Never mind oops. Mistyped