**uc santa cruz class of 2025 discussion**

Could be but no one really has any clue:(


Agreed, it sure seems like historically Santa Cruz has released decisions earlier than later in March. It looks like Davis, Santa Barbara, and UCLA will all release between the 13-19th. Merced and Riverside have been releasing for the past week. Do they ever release on weekends?

Generally UCSC and UCR notify applicants earlier than other UCs. UCI started sending out some acceptances yesterday. UCSB and UCD are usually mid month followed by UCSD, UCLA and UCB at the end of the month. Of course this year is special so who knows what will happen. Good luck to everyone. :blush:

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Do they typically email or notify of decision time on their instagram? Or should we keep checking the portal?

no, usually the decision is before the email sometimes. The instagram doesn’t say much ab admissions.

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Does anyone know when scholarships and honors program invites come out?

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Let’s go UCSC…how about some good news


Yes, today seems like a good day. I’m hoping for decisions today as well


Why today? It’s the 2nd Monday of March and for the Class of 2024, UCSC released on the 3rd Monday of March or 3/16.

Having said that, D will be more than happy to get her UCSC decision today.

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I have no prediction but I do feel like Santa Cruz has historically released a bit earlier than other UCs sans Merced and Riverside. Seems like Davis and Santa Barbara are planning to release around that date…UCLA 3/19.

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It’s been very quiet around here that’s for sure. A release or two would be good to liven the place up a little.

BTW, UCSB has already announced 3/16 as their release date. And Davis released on Thursday 3/12 last year.


It seemed like two weeks ago, just 1-2 posts came out that people got accepted, but it didn’t seem large enough to constitute a full notification or even a regents/honors type of thing? It was a little odd…

As mentioned above, only the high stat and scholarships were released thus far.

Last year UCSC accepted about 36,000 applicants and they also offered 16,000 places on their waitlist (roughly 10,000 accepted their spots and 9,000 were accepted from the waitlist). So, the few acceptances released so far is “but a drop in the bucket.” :slight_smile:

Wait… 9/10 people were accepted from the waitlist?! Wow

Hm. It didn’t even seem like enough to be high-stat and scholarships just based on the posts here and on Reddit. Maybe a lot of folks just didn’t share.

Yes, roughly, but I keep making the mistake and using data from last year in the midst of the pandemic.

From 2019-2020:

Offered waitlist: 12,859
Accepted offer of waitlist: 7,576
Admitted from waitlist: 4,676


Has anyone heard anything today? Any decisions been released?

I think it’s some of that, folks not sharing, and then I get the feeling traffic is down here on this site. But no stats to back that up, but I watch the Michigan thread and other UC threads and it just feels a bit like a “ghost town.”

None for us today… D is patiently waiting.

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From our experience 2 years ago with my D, athletes who have talked to coaches comprised a large portion of the early release, which she and a teammate were part of. If you are looking towards regents for your S, which it seems like he has a great shot at, my D was offered the regents after her admission later in March when most kids were admitted.

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