**uc santa cruz class of 2025 discussion**

Thank you!! I hope they send an acceptance letter your way. I know CS is very competitive, but I believe you should get in with your stats. Good luck!

got today, no email, checked the portal, it said admitted, CS major

So, so far it looks like just CS and Bio E have released?

I saw someone who applied for history in the stats thread, too

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I really don’t think this is just by major. I know for sure that athletes who have talked to coaches hear today. It seems like they are pulling some high stat kids, but I don’t think it is a case of waves by major. I guess we’ll see as a few weeks go by.


accepted for business management economics - 4.3W


Thank you. I missed that stats thread.

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has anyone been waitlisted/denied today?

Sorry you meant non stem. I posted acceptance a Physics major

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Never mind oops. Mistyped

My DD GOT IN ! Bio-E


Congrats! Maybe we’ll both become banana slugs!

I sure hope so!

Thanks, no email, just checked portal once I saw people posting here about acceptances. We are in Northern California South Bay.

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Congratulations for everyone was admitted!

My son’s unweighed GPA is 3.93 and UC capped GPA is 4.21.

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Congrats to all who have been accepted today. It seems mostly CS and Bio majors, correct?

Yes, except one History major recorded an acceptance here on CC.

Just based on the replies to this thread it seems that way but there have been history and business majors accepted already so I don’t think they are released by major.

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Can anyone tell me what is typical for UC Santa Cruz. Will they release all decisions now or is it typically in batches over days/weeks.