UC Santa Cruz

I live only an hour away from UC Santa Cruz but i want to determine what my chances are for getting into UC Santa Cruz or what school I am on target for in California.
My GPA is 3.8 (weighted) and 3.5 unweighted (APs: Gov, Econ, English 12, English 11, Psychology, Environmental Science, European History)
SAT (where my problem lies) 1850
Im an Egyptian female preferably going into legal studies or humanities. Do I qualify as a minority? We only make up .014% of the country, my parents are immigrants.

My extracurriculars include
Vice President of Black Student Union
Officer of Model UN (2 years)
Officer of Speech and Debate (2 yrs)
Recreational Soccer League (around 3/4 seasons)
Student Government

Awards: AP Scholar Award

UC GPA? http://rogerhub.com/gpa-calculator-uc/

UC’s banned affirmative action so ethnicity/race are not considered in their admissions.