Uc schools applications for pre-law majors

Hello! These are the following majors I plan to apply to for my top schools

UC Irvine: Philosophy
UC Berkeley: Undeclared- Social Sciences
UCSD: Philosophy

These might change though because I plan on getting my undergrad major for pre-law. Do you have any other recommendations for pre-law majors? Also, do you know the percentage rate of getting into these specific majors? Are they competitive? Thanks!

What are your UC GPA’s?
What are your test scores if you have taken either SAT or ACT?
EC’s, HS course rigor?

The %acceptance rate by major is not available for in-coming Freshman and it would not tell you how you compare. You need average UC GPA and test scores by major to help gauge your chances which is not available but you could check the admitted student threads for information.

Based on your UC GPA, I can give you admit rates (not major specific) for each campus. Exception: See UCI below

All UC’s are competitive for all majors. For UCB, the College of Letters and Sciences does not admit by major.

For UCSD and UCI, they admit into the University first and then into the major.

UCI does have some 2019 data for Philosophy majors but that is the only UC where I found this kind of data and this is for enrolled students not admitted where the stats are usually higher:

Average UC capped weighted GPA: 3.98
Average SAT: 1337
Admit rate: 27.5%

The majors you have listed are fine if you plan to attend Law school. Any major of interest where you will excel will make you a viable candidate.

No specific major is required to apply to law school.

Regardless of your major, practice at reading, writing, and logical thinking should be considered when selecting your courses. Of course, you need a high college GPA and high LSAT score to get into a high rank law school which leads to the best job opportunities in law.


this is pointless without your qualifications.

Do you have any data for undeclared majors at UCI or UCSD?

UCSD does not list GPA/SAT scores for enrolled students by major. The UC Website will give you general admissions information: https://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/campuses-majors/freshman-admit-data.html

UCI’s Undeclared data for 2019 enrollees:
Acceptance rate: 35.1%
Average UC GPA capped weighted: 3.93
SAT: 1269

Just remember to research the difficulty of changing majors from Undeclared if you plan to apply to any of the UC campuses.