UC schools

<p>UC GPA: 4.15</p>

<p>SAT: 1720 (560 R, 600 M, 560 W 8 ESSAY)
I'm taking the SAT in December hoping to raise it.</p>

<p>No SAT II ( May take in January...Should I?)</p>

<p>I'm also taking the ACT in December</p>

<p>AP's (European History 3, English III 2, Chemistry 3, US History 2)</p>

<p>Senior Courses
AP Latin IV Vergil ( I skipped a year of Latin if it matters)
Advanced Jazz Ensemble
Anatomy Honors
AP Calculus
AP Government
AP English IV
Marching/Symphonic Band</p>

Tennis JV 3 years
Cross Country JV 2 years
Marching/Symphonic/Jazz Two years (I've played guitar since 6th grade and I also play Alto Sax)
Sailing-Since like two weeks old (I've also done several races scoring consistently in the top 3)
MYC SEA Adventure Counselor in training ( I taught kids how to sail)
Approximately 100 hours of community service (From Band doing community stuff)
Go Board Game- Just a hobby I thought that may be worth mentioning I'm ranked a KGS 2kyu</p>

<p>Additional Info:
I'm White Male
Income under 30k a year
Neither of my parents have graduated from college</p>

<p>Chance me for
Cal Poly SLO</p>

<p>non-engineering i assume. if you are trying for a science related major, science related sat 2s (math2, physics, chemistry, biology E/M) would be nice. your sat 1 is underaverage for much of this list, except UCSC and UCR. if you can some how manage a 2k range score for sat 1, it will help you a lot.</p>

<p>high reach (hardest) to low safety (easiest) - 9 levels.</p>

<p>UCSC - high safety
UCSB - match
UCSD - reach/low reach
UCR - safety
UCI - match
UCLA - high reach
UC Berkeley - high reach
UC Davis - high match
SLO - low match</p>

<p>I'm going to retake the SAT I but realistically speaking I'll probably pull off something in the 1800s.</p>

<p>I also plan to do a science major ( PreMed, Bio, Chemistry) I haven't entirely decided what I want to do yet.</p>

<p>don't be too discouraged about having low testing scores. luckily, UCs weigh GPA greater than the average university. a UC gpa of 4.15 certainly won't be overlooked.</p>

<p>So would it be worth it to take an SAT II even if I'm probably gonna get a score in the 600s</p>

<p>December SAT/ACT is the last test UC's will accept scores. Sorry.
Assuming you get 1800+ on your SAT, this is what it is:
UCLA UCB - reach
UCSD - low reach
UCD UCI UCSB - match
UCR UCSC CalPolySLO- low match/safety</p>

<p>i suppose if you can't get at least a high 600 then you should focus your efforts on getting that sat 1 up. good luck with your studies.</p>

<p>UCSC- high safety
UCSB- high match
UCSD- reach
UCR- safety
UCI- low match
UCLA- high reach
UCB- high reach
UCD- low reach
Cal Poly SLO- match</p>

So would it be worth it to take an SAT II even if I'm probably gonna get a score in the 600s


<p>No. They aren't required anymore, and if you get something <660 it will just confirm the colleges' view that you are a weak tester, which is not something you want to come across as.</p>

<p>UCSC - safety
UCSB - match
UCSD - match
UCR - safety
UCI - match
UCLA - reach
UC Berkeley - reach
UC Davis - match
SLO - match</p>

<p><a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/1238291-please-chance-me-ill-chance-back.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/1238291-please-chance-me-ill-chance-back.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>