UC Scout: AP Physics 1 vs C (Mech)?

I’m currently looking into taking either Physics 1 or C over the summer with UC Scout. Does anyone have any experience with either of these courses and wouldn’t mind sharing? For context, I have taken AP Bio and Chem already for AP sciences, and I’ve taken Calc AB with a very very good teacher. I feel like Physics C would be much more interesting and rewarding, but at the same time it’s likely going be too much of a challenge for a single summer and without any physics foundation. Also, not a lot of schools I’m interested in attending accept Physics 1 AP exam scores but they do accept Physics C, and I am doing a science major. However, I don’t really know the course rigor of UC Scout. Anyone have experience? Additionally, is Physics C without prior physics experience extremely difficult/impossible?

If you’ve never taken a HS physics course, I would not jump right to mechanics, especially over the summer. AP physics C was the single hardest course my daughter took in HS and she had an entire HS semester for the mechanics portions.

In our HS AP Physics 1 is a prerequisite for AP Physics C but C includes mechanics and EM.

Physics 1 is an introductory course. Physics C generally follows an introductory Physics course. It’s not a mandatory pre-requisite, but it’s an already challenging course and would be even more challenging with no background.