UC System Qualifications

<p>All around our Californian high school we have signs posted in each and every classroom about what are the bare minimum number of years of particular classes students must take of a particular subject.</p>

<p>It goes something like 4 years english, 3 years math, 3 years science, etc. etc.</p>

<p>However, one of the requirements is 1 year of a visual arts class.</p>

<p>I took a semester-long course over summer school and fufilled half of that....(heh...) and I got sick of it and decided not to do the second semester equivelent course.</p>

<p>Now I'm a junior, college is coming closer and closer. Although I have no interest in staying in California, I figure it's a good idea to at least have a backup plan in the long run just in case things don't work out.</p>

<p>But, I mean, really, would the lack of 1/2 a year of an art class really disqualify me? I don't want to brag but by the time I graduate I would have had 6 years worth math, and 5 years worth science and more than fufilled the other requirements. Also, last semester I was ranked 49 out of 1,024 in my class. So I mean...can I worm my way around the stupid second semester course?</p>

<p>yes. you need one full year (all done in the same year) of visual arts. you may be qualified in other areas, but think of all the applicants that will be just as qualified and have a year of visual arts. just do it.</p>

<p>yes, future college kid. What about the word "minimum" don't you understand? Your app will not be processed unless you show the VAPA course somewhere on your list of completed courses or future senior year courses. However, depending on the campus, you may be able to complete the course (at a juco) in the summer before matriculation to the UC. And, no, it doesn't have to be completed in the same year.</p>

<p>UCs are becoming more and more competitive and difficult to get into. Do not risk it by assuming you can take the course at a CC before matriculation. The UCs want to see that you have ALL of the required courses on your application. You cannot worm your way around this, no matter how smart you think you are...</p>