UC Tag Question

Hi, i’m about to submit my tag for fall 2021 and I have a question. After I submit my tag is it possible to go on my uc tap and update it. For example if I drop a class that’s non related to my major can I go back on the uc tap and update it? Or for example on the UC Tap I stated that I would take x class for spring 2021 and I end up not taking it. Can I go back and update it? Thank you.

Yeah, you submit a TAU or transfer admission update in January, everyone submits one. To update fall grades and spring courses.

The timing may be tricky; the xfer update is done in January, you may decide not to take the class or drop it after you’ve submitted the update. And that can cause a problem. Davis for example says

If you drop the class and you don't need it for TAG it will probably work out ok, but there is another option. If there is a class you don't need for TAG and that you think you might end up dropping, simply don't list it on your planned courses. This assumes you still meet TAG without it. Nobody is going to complain if you take an extra class, but as shown above there may be some complications if you drop a class you told them you'd take. In effect by listing classes beyond the TAG minimum you've just set up a more stringent set of rules. If they are reasonable they will let you drop an extra class, but it's always a bit of a risk.

For me i’m not sure whether I’m going to drop a class or not for this fall semester i’m really not sure. Should I just leave it on my uc tap account? I mean they would find out whether I drop or change classes right?

Don’t worry about it. They’ll go off of the November application course list.