UC to CC to UC?

<p>Hi, I'm a freshman at UCR in my first quarter and I just don't feel this is the school for me. I want to transfer to UCI and I know that if I stay in UCR my chances will be slim, since CC transfers get priority. I've already applied for a community college and I have a general idea of the TAG program and the ASSIST website. What I want to know is.. is there a chance of me getting accepted into UCI if I apply through the TAG program and follow all their major course requirements? I'm majoring in sociology and I have a community college introductory course in soc as well as an additional soc science course, race & ethnicity from UCR. My gpa is about a 3.2-3.4, I don't know if that matters. Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it. </p>

<p>Also, are there any success stories of UC to CC to UC transfers?</p>

<p>It doable. I know plenty of people here at Davis who started out at different UC, went to community college, did a TAG, and now they're here. Though, the TAG has changed a bit since last year... </p>

<p>Do your course planning carefully and all the necessary steps to submit a TAG when that time comes.</p>

<p>Good luck</p>

<p>@Princess: what is bad about the school? What was your major? I applied to UCR as freshmen (HS) and as a transfer, and would definitely like to know what is deterring you away from UCR. I could would like to know whats so bad about UCR so I don't make the same mistake.</p>

<p>Go to community college if you don't like UCR. Youre better off doing what you want even though it'll probably mean an extra year or two in school.</p>

<p>@chailatte: Thanks that's reassuring :) I am following the courses on ASSIST so I hope that helps me out</p>

<p>@UCHopeful12 Personally, I think it's just I'm a very picky person. I've always been that way with schools. But I have asked many people there if they liked it and most said they didn't and they wanted to transfer in 2 years.
My major was studio art and I wanted to concentrate on set designing but they didn't have that there so I'm switching to soc.
I don't like the atmosphere of it, I just feel like it's not so spirited. Plus, if you go a little bit downtown there's a lot of hobos and I don't feel safe. Although I do come from LA, I feel that at least there is more stuff to do in LA than Riverside. I didn't love it and you're supposed to love the school you want to be in for 4 years.</p>

<p>@Hsandovaljr. Yes, those are exactly my thoughts. I did hear that cc classes are very impacted so I'm hoping that my major courses are available :/</p>

<p>Yes, CC classes are very impacted. Newer students have a harder time too since they are given last priority class registration. And by the time they can register, the class is already full or the only open spaces are the bad professors.</p>

<p>My friend transferred directly from UCSC to UCD after a year.</p>

<p>Try transferring directly like the previous poster said (if you have enough AP credits)</p>

<p>Otherwise if you really don't like the school then go for it and go to CC. Since you only have 1 quarter at UCR you should be fine for applying to transfer with the rest of the CCers.</p>

<p>@lawlking. You were right. I can't find any classes and will have to take some at another cc :( hopefully it works out.</p>

<p>@Shikai. I already cancelled everything at UCR so I can't go back. It just wasn't for me.</p>