UC to community college to UC/EAST

<p>I am currently a student in the UC system. UC Riverside to be exact, and am thinking of getting out of the UC to attend community college maybe for my sophomore year (currently a freshman, obviously just done with winter quarter), how does it work if I want to transfer from CC to UC again (different from Riverside) or just a different college, maybe somewhere in the east coast like NYU or something?</p>

<p>Man I have a feeling my credits won't transfer to CC from UC credits/units. Haha, someone please clear this up for me!</p>

<p>I'd say you have a better shot at getting into another UC from a CC, but if you want to go to NYU you are better off staying at UCR just because NYU looks at what college you are transferring from, and clearly a UC bodes better to them than a CC. Your credits should transfer for the most part if they are GE classes and what not, but you'd have to clear it up with whatever school you attend obviously.</p>

<p>But will my credits transfer from UC to CC? They are for the most part, GE classes because none of them apply to my lower-division major requirements or whatever.</p>

<p>Or I am not able to do that?</p>