UC to UC Berkeley CS chances (UC to UC Transfer)

Student at UC Santa Cruz in their CS program. Don’t get me wrong, the program is amazing but I really want to get into entrepreneurship and looking to transfer to UC Berkeley (due to its startup culture and incubator opportunities).

Little about me, I will try to keep this vague to protect my identity: 3.9-4.0 GPA (high 3.9s), currently declared CS, done an internship as a developer at a small startup, participated in a hackathon as a first year. I’m also concerned about the transfer unit cap, so my total unit count should be around 119 quarter units. (my entire 2nd year is upper division courses)

I was wondering if anybody with knowledge thinks I have a good shot at transferring? I realize I am in a really great program right now, where I could just focus on getting a great job as a SWE, but I want to try entrepreneurship and my current campus doesn’t really have the culture/resources for that (at least toward undergraduates).

Here is the link to UC Transfer GPA by major and campus to see if you are competitive: Transfers by major | University of California

Based on GPA alone, you are competitive.