UC to UC Transfer 2020

Hi all! I’m currently a Pre-Business major at UCR with a 3.85 GPA. I’m looking to transfer in Fall 2021 ideally to either UCB Haas or UCB Econ / UCLA BizEcon or UCLA Econ. I’m also planning on applying to UCSB, UCI, and UCSD. I can most likely increase my GPA to a 3.89-3.9 by the end of fall quarter 2020. I’m in the Dean’s Honors List at UCR and have worked an internship during the summer of 2020. I was wondering what my chances are at these schools, considering UC to UC transfers are harder and CC students have priority. Do I have a fair chance or is dropping out of UCR and attending CC as a sophomore a better option? Also UCR follows the quarter system, will this impact my chances of transferring to UCB, a semester system school?

UCB Haas admits students only from cc or from UCB sophomores who apply. I don’t believe Haas admits from other UC’s and if it does, it is very rare. Your best options are econ, business econ at one the the UC’s mentioned or UCI business. Keep your GPA high to have a chance.

As you mentioned, if you attend a cc in your sophomore year and apply to transfer, assuming you do as well as at UCR, your chance increases, but no guarantee. It is your decision to make. I’ve heard of students making a successful transfer from UC to cc to another UC.


UCB accepts about 6% of biz transfer applicants. UCLA. about 9%, UCI about 13%/ No matter where you spend your first 2 years, you are really unlikely to be admitted to any of them. I’d stick where you are, UCR Biz has a very good reputation, nearly all classes are going to be virtual this year anyhow - and most CCs have already started so, getting a full load of classes now would be a challenge.

Do your best, to keep your GPA up, get some more work experience and apply lots of places next year.

good luck

Wow, no one has used this thread in a while. Are there any other UC-UC transfers this year?

Applying to UCLA and UCB from UCD

yup, im applying to ucb from ucd too! nice to see a fellow aggie on here