UC to UC transfer as a senior?

I’m currently a UCSB student and will be entering my senior year this fall. Due to personal reasons, I may need to transfer to UCD, which is closer to me as I’m entering my senior year this fall. Is this possible and has anyone else gone through this? I’m worried about graduation being pushed back if I transfer, but I’m being told that this is the best way to go.

UCD admits some high-unit juniors (120 quarter or 80 semester units) and seniors, according to https://www.ucdavis.edu/sites/default/files/upload/files/f17tip_unitlimits.pdf , although it may be more difficult.

But also check whether you could realistically be admitted to UCD (based on college GPA) even if the senior level transfer is allowed: Transfers by major | University of California

UCD requires at least 3 quarters of enrollment and at least 35 of the last 45 units completed there: https://ucdavis.pubs.curricunet.com/Catalog/undergraduate-education#res .

thank you!