UC to UC Transfer Question: 7-Course Pattern!

Hi Everyone,
I’m planning on transferring from UCSB to UCLA/Cal for the Next year.
For the 7-course pathway I heard from UCLA admissions that a UC Reciprocity Agreement stating I completed my GE’s at UCSB will be sufficient to cover it.

However, the application requires you to list 2 English courses, I only did AP English Comp as that satisfied the 2 course requirement at UCSB.

I’m a little paranoid I’m working on my apps just to be instantly rejected for not having this “fulfilled.” Does anyone know if the UC Reciprocity Agreement will completely nullify the 7-course pattern requirement?
I’m planning on just selecting “Not Planned/ Not Completed” for both courses.

Thank you so much!

This is what UCLA’s website states:

We also encourage you to complete the General Education (GE) requirement of the UC campus you currently attend before you transfer. If you do this, you’ll be exempt from UCLA’s GE requirement.

I would contact UC admissions to confirm how to fill out the application properly.

Just checking but you received an AP score of 5 to fulfill the English requirements A1 and A2 at UCSB?

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Basic requirements | UC Admissions says that “AP exam scores of 3, 4, or 5 may also be used in appropriate subject areas (exception: only one of the two English courses required can be satisfied by an AP exam score).” (emphasis added)

Of course, you should check the AP credit listings for your target UC to make sure that it will accept your AP scores for the subject requirements you want to fulfill.

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Yes I received an AP score of 5 fulfill A1 and A2 at UCSB.

I know the UC application as a whole wants you to complete the 7 course pattern but UCLA said the UC Reciprocity Agreement would fulfill that.

Just a little paranoid because the application still wants me to write something and I’m not sure if they meant that courses taken for the Agreement would just overlap and probably fulfill it.

Thank you so much for responding!

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