UC Transfer Applicants - Come Join

<p>Hey everyone,
A similar post was created in another thread but this post is for us - the UC transfer students. So all the people who heard anything from the UC admissions....please post.
Definitely please post your stats/major/etc if you got in...</p>

<p>As for me I am still waiting....probably I will get my butt kicked bad...</p>

<p>Here are the dates for transfer students</p>

<p>-UC SANTA CRUZ : March 1 to April 30.
-UC IRVINE: March 1 to May 1.
-UC DAVIS: Mid-March to April 30.
-UC BERKELEY: April 29
-UC SAN DIEGO: Mid-March to April 30.
-UC SANTA BARBARA: March 15 to Early May
-UCLA: Early May and keeps rolling...
-UCR: Begins March 1.</p>

<p>Hope this thread helps.</p>

<p>holy crap I still have one more year till this but I am really excited....weird</p>

<p>ucla is last, like last year. Eventhough UCI had me waiting longest for some odd reason.</p>

<p>It's the first of march and it's getting very exciting; it's almost like a soap opera, you can't wait until tommorow to see what happens.</p>

<p>i had a friend that got his letter from ucsb in late april. I wonder why us transfer students have to wait longer than the freshman?! maybe it's because so many freshman get rejected.... rejection letters are easy.</p>

<p>this is definitely a good thread for us~
I can't wait to see what will be happened in my life after 2 months! but sometimes I wish the waiting period to be longer cuz it's the first time in my life to experience this excited moment and I want this feeling to be countinue...@_@
good luck to everyone!</p>

<p>Yupp...it kinda sucks, we transfer students have to wait so long...look @ UCLA's notification date...annnyways, wish you all good luck...</p>

<p>i was just checking out the admissions board and reading all these posts of freshman getting accepted and rejected... let me tell you... it is despressing. All this time it's been "oh, it's 5 months away--- 3 months away ect." Now it's any day now. I'm worried now... no more waiting... it's time to find out!!!</p>

<p>Is it true that UCLA sends out provisional admission letters to students that are majoring in engineering? If it is, can someone give me more details. Thanks!</p>

<p>hmm..I think UCLA gives its engineering TRANSFER students direct admission. Not sure though.</p>

<p>But in a sense, all the letters the UCz send you, are provisional until your final transcript has been evaluated.</p>

<p>yes...i am like you guys, i cant wait man...im nervous as hell..all this waiting sucks so bad..yet I am so scared when may comes along. Im asssuming that theyll (berkeley/ucla/sdiego) will get to us transfers near may, so im kinda surprised when u guys said is mid march for san diego. Yet..berkeely and ucla..i dunno whether im excited or just nervous as hell..because this is it, the 2 years spent here in cC (or maybe more for us who tried but failed in hs) comes down to this moment..im so scared :T</p>

<p>has any TRANSFER not freshman student heard from UC Irvine and UC Santa Cruz...Im guessing transfer notfications are slower...please let me know...</p>

<p>UC santa cruz TRANSFER admission letters are already mailed to some people.</p>

<p>As soon as March 1st hit I was nurvous... The school I'm really waiting for is UCLA, but at this point I'll be thrilled wherever I get in. I'm sure I'm not the only one on this site who really just needs an acceptence letter of some sort to feel better! Good Luck to you all!</p>

<p>allena, im with you too :)
I need some acceptance letter from anywhere for now...waitin like helll :|</p>

<p>Blackdream, I think the people u r talkin about are freshman...</p>

<p>No, transfer students have already started hearing from UCSC, they were very quick about getting them out.</p>

<p>does UCSC send out transfer letters according to major? I would like to know when engineering admission letters are supposed to be sent out.</p>

<p>if a guy who has been in a CCC for two years is a highschool freshman, i buy that (he graduated from my highschool BTW)</p>

<p>allena, may i ask what your stats and major are, and to which schools have you applied?</p>