UC Transfer Application 2022

I am currently a second year student in community college and I am currently on the process of making my transfer application to a UC university for year 2022. My major is business economics and my dream university that I want to transfer to is either UC Berkeley or UCLA. I know as a business major, both of these school holds a very competitive range and that I need to put in a lot of work and effort.

I am also using TAG to UC Irvine in case I don’t get into both of the schools but I am still unsure if I should just go for Irvine or take a gap semester/year to do internship or attend more classes (to boost my GPA) in case I don’t make it. I think as of now, my GPA is not very good considering it is only a 3.5. I am currently taking 16 credits for this fall semester and if I get all As the best I could do is boost it up to 3.67. The fall semester is what I would need to update to the UC as part of TAU (Transfer Admission Update). But I am just worried that my grades are still very low. I still have my Winter and Spring semester but I wouldn’t be able to update that because it would be too late. I honestly don’t really like Irvine even though I know it’s also a great school, it’s just that I was always head-on to Berkeley and UCLA so I don’t know if I should stay back another year in college to improve my transcript for next year UC application.

Although this is from 2020, I have linked the UC transfer GPA admit ranges by campus and major to help gauge your chances.

I would apply for Fall 2022, see where you are accepted then decide to take a gap year or not.

Thank you so much, but I’m unsure yet because I am an international student so if I take a gap year I need an impressive internship plan or working plan. This would be hard because international students can not work outside, I can only work in-campus. Also, inside of taking gap-year can I take gap semester? I don’t know if they would be posisble.

Only a few UC’s will admit for Winter/Spring Quarter/Semester so you would limit which schools you could apply if you took a Gap semester. UC Merced, UC Riverside and UC Santa Cruz are the options if you do not do a Fall 2022 application.

If you take a Gap year, the UC’s will want to know what you did during that year and hopefully it would be productive.

I would apply and see what happens.

Gumbymom have you seen students leave a 4 year school in their or after their 3rd semester of school (good grades, just unsatisfied with the experience), transfer to a CC (we are CA residents) and then successfully transfer in to a UC like UCLA? Will they be considered a CC student even though they are just transferring to a CC as they apply? We are working with a puzzle over here on how to get a good student back to California and trying to be creative. thanks!

This is the definition of a CA CC transfer:

  • enrolled at one or more California community colleges for at least two terms (excluding summer sessions), and
  • the last college before admission to a UC campus was a California community college (excluding summer sessions), and
  • completed at least 30 semester (45 quarter) UC transferable units at one or more California community colleges.

Going one term, the student would not get priority as a CA CC transfer.

You are so great! I knew you would have a helpful answer. Thank you.

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