UC Transfer Pathways vs. Pathways+ vs. TAG

What is the difference between the new “Pathways+” program and the normal Transfer Pathways and Transfer Admission Guarantee for UCs? If you complete the TAG requirements what’s the point of another admission guarantee through Pathways+?

Pathways+ is NOT an admission guarantee, TAG is still the only guarantee program. Instead Pathways+ is a program that makes you competitive for admission to majors in the program at all UC campuses.

My take on this is UC is trying to solve 2 problems. First, TAG isn’t that stringent on required prep, even for majors that require some. So students who complete TAG and apply to other campuses weren’t getting into many other options. So Pathways+ requires more classes. Second, Pathways+ is doing for majors what IGETC did for breadth requirements. If you try to satisfy all the recommended classes for a major you end up with too many to complete if you collect them from several campuses. Pathways+ is a set of classes that all UCs will agree make you a strong candidate, similar to how they all agree IGETC satisifies GE requirements.

Seems like Pathways+ is the UC analog for the major-prep courses in AA-T/AS-T for CSU.