UC transfer question

Hi, should I put in my UC application that I was disqualified from another 4 year institution for poor grades. It does say list all schools you’ve been to peviously, I now have a 3.74 GPA in a CCC and will the UC admission hold it against me? I just want to make sure I’m not just wasting my time applying to UC if they will deny me for getting disqualified somewhere else

You are required to report all colleges attended and any course grades received so just based on this, the schools could figure out that you left the other college not in good standing. Hopefully it was not another UC? Depending upon how long ago you attended the other college, your recent work will be considered more relevant.

If the previous school was a UC then it looks like a student is only allowed to apply for readmission to that UC, not as a transfer student to any other UCs. This rule holds even if the student has subsequently gone on to earn a good gpa at a CC. See page 37 of https://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/counselors/files/quick-reference.pdf

That is why I asked OP if the previous school was a UC due to the information you posted.

No, it was not a UC and I left in the fall of 2019. Thank you for your reply