UC Transfer Situation

<p>I'm a California Community College student and going to transfer to a UC come fall 2012. I am currently 23 years old and live at home. On the UC admissions application I am saying I am a dependent, however come mid January I will be 24 years old... So when I file Fafsa by March 2nd I'll be technically an independent. Also, next February my girlfriend and I are going to be moving into her parents guest house and we are going to set up a legal renting situation with her parents (probably ridiculously cheap though ie: $50.00 a month). I worked 8 months out of this year, 2011 so I will have my own tax information. My girlfriend works part-time and makes enough that she's basically going to be supporting me during my last semester at the Junior College. </p>

<p>With being 24 years old and not living with or being supported by my parents will I be likely to get any grants to help me afford to go a UC? Any chance for the Gold and Blue opportunity grant? </p>

<p>Will being a dependent for the year 2011 hurt my chances at all of getting student aid for the academic school year of 2012-2013?</p>

<p>you will need to post a rough estimate of how much ur parents make. Because my parents dont make much and i am a dependent but i dont have problems getting aid</p>

<p>Okay, ya. You're talking about the UC admissions application? My dad makes a lot each year... But will listing that he makes 100K+ a year on the UC admissions application hurt my chances? when I file my fafsa come next march and state that I only made a mere 6,000 and have basically zero assets..</p>

<p>You don't have to list your parents assets when you file in March. You will file independently. Being dependent this year will have no effect on you fafsa next year. You should have an efc of close to zero, and should receive maximum need based aid. Good luck.</p>