UC Transfer Spring 2021 Grades

Prospective Fall 2021 Transfer here. If I was a 4.0 student previously at CC, and got a B on a major prereq course in Spring 2021, is that rescindable?


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no, not at all.

only failing grades right? Would a C be fine too? worst case scenario

From the research i’ve done from viewing past threads, C’s are fine right before you transfer. So if you get accepted to a school already (planning to attend there) and you are going to get a C in a class that should be fine. I don’t think they would rescind you for that.

Lol as a cc student dont worry if u got bs and cs. It is onlt worth repeating any class in ur entire college career if you got a d or f. Truly harsh and unreasonable grades and are unworthy to be on ur transcript for any reason. Just proves u didnt do the class or any hw in it.

U want as but if unobtainable; dont fret. Just fret on getting the highest gpa you can if u have a few bs and cs it will not impact u other than not being able to get to berkeley or somewhere out of cc. U cannot go straight to ivy leagues out of cc. Highly unlikely.

do you think you can link me?