UC Transfer TAG Decision

Writing on behalf of my daughter. She did the TAG at UC Davis. Seems that decisions re her TAG will be released next Monday, Nov 15th.

Is that consistent with others? Have other UCs released their TAG decisions yet, or do all release their decision next Monday?

Would be good to hear from others. We’ve looked at it ten-times and it would appear that she’ll get in based upon UC Davis’ criteria, but I’m still a nervous parent as we’ve heard that even the most prepared can get rejected due to missing minor things.

UC Davis and UC Merced are the only UC’s that will post their TAG decisions this early. The rest of the UC’s TAG decisions will be posted in April with the regular transfer decisions. Just remember the TAG decisions are contingent all criteria is met and completed by Spring prior to matriculation.

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Thanks for that information. Seems a bit counter-intuitive that most UC’s don’t post the TAG decision until April. Part of the allure is that it takes a bit of the pressure off “worrying” about getting accepted/rejected. Assuming that my daughter’s accepted via the TAG, the only real “pressure” is for her to essentially fulfill the TAG obligations.

My daughter’s CC counselor had her add a one-unit class in the spring so she can get to JR status next fall. That was the only thing that she needed to do to her application before Oct 15 so we’re feeling pretty good about things. Still, it’s nerve-wracking considering how she’s taken on a bit of a “Davis or bust” mentality.

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best of luck to your daughter! Let us know what they say.

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We are in the same boat. My son is waiting on his TAG decision for UC Davis and today is the 15th and his account still shows “Submitted - Under Review”. He also has the UC Davis or bust mentality as his girlfriend is already a sophomore there and he really wants to join her next fall (he’s at DVC currently). He will have 61 transferrable semester units so hoping that gives him Junior status also (his lab this semester provided the 1 unit). He has met all of IGETC and all his History major pre-reqs with a GPA at 3.7 (well above the 3.2 requirement), so we hope his TAG will be approved without problem. And really wanted to hear today! Good luck to you and your daughter!


@Damon389: Last year UCD TAG decisions were posted November 16th. On the website, it does state After Nov 15th.

OK, thanks! In his TAP account it says “will automatically be notified by November 15th”. Guess we’ll be patient a little longer :slight_smile:

I was just looking over the FAQ’s on the UCD website for TAG and it is mentioned twice that decisions will be posted on November 15 so not sure which one is accurate. Even with Covid last year, the decisions were just 1 day late. Also the UC decisions usually come out in the afternoon 3 pm or later so I would check again later today.

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Thanks for your help!

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tag results are out; i got approved


congrats to everyone that got approved as well


They sure are!!! My daughter was approved as well! I can’t believe it!!! I mean I can, but still, it’s quite thrilling. No way she got in as a Frosh. That said, she worked her ass off in CC and has fully embraced this chance.

Sorry for the dad-brag, but all students getting accepted via the TAG are pretty awesome.


My son is approved also! He also never would have gotten in as a Freshman but has worked really hard to make this happen. Now he just has to get his actual application in by 11/30.

Congrats to everyone who is TAG approved!


That’s amazing. Great for him! My daughter also has to do the application, but now she doesn’t have to stress so much re the personal statements!

People seem to love the school. I’m 99.9% sure she’ll go there. It just feels soooooo good for her to have this wrapped up so early. She was going to go to an OOS four-year school then we held off because of the pandemic. Since then, she decided to set her sites on a more prestigious school that seemed perfect for her interests.

Anyway, I am still pinching myself.

Congratulations Dad and daughter!
She will love it! My daughter loved Davis! Get a jump start on the community feel. Have her check out the local wiki: Davis - LocalWiki

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