UC Transferable Units w/ AP Exams

<p>alright. so i'm lost.</p>

<p>i'm currently a CC student, prepping for the TAG and transferring to a UC (Irvine, in particular) for Fall 2011. i'm a sophmore now and have pretty much fulfilled all my IGETCs/GEs, except one class - which i'll be taking this next semester (if i can).</p>

<p>now, for the more gritty stuff. i'm prepping - as already said - for the TAG at UCI. i'm aware that 30 transferable UC units are needed by the end of summer 2010, as a qualification of the contract. i took twelve units my first semester and another thirteen units this most recent Spring 2010. totalling to 25 units.</p>

<p>HOWEVER. now i'm utterly confused about AP Units. i took three AP exams: Macro-Econ, US Govt, and English Lit. i did fairly well at all of them - so i receive the credits from my scores. the problem is... i have no idea how much i actually get. i KNOW there's decimals involved - which is the reason for my complete confusion. i'm fairly sure that i'm well over the 30 UC transferable units needed for TAG given these AP exams, i just don't know...how MUCH.</p>

<p>i THINK - i get 2.7 for Macro-Econ and Govt. i just don't know how much i get of English Lit for UC transferable units. i know how much i get from the CC itself, just not how much i get for UC.</p>

<p>anyone willing to clarify for me, please? :D thanks!</p>

<p>It's probably not the same for every UC, google "AP credit for UC ___". UCLA gives 8 units depending on which course they see it equivalent as.</p>

<p>ahh~ i figured as much.</p>

<p>although - another question. i AM able to use my AP exams to fulfill the other units i need for the TAG 30 Transferable UC units, right?</p>

<p>Yes you are. I did! Although for my particular CC they didn't post until your second semester in attendance (it's a little weird and complicated). Your counselor should do the math with the AP credit and if needed (like in my situation) they will put a note next to the units on the TAG agreement and let the school know that the AP credits will post in the Spring.</p>

<p>what if the tag agreement is just online clicking two little boxes like ucsd's is? Im having trouble figuring this out too.</p>

<p>Macro-Econ is 2.666667 for all UCs (in semester units, the same as 4 quarter units), as are US Gov and Lit. I'm in the same situation as you (with slightly different AP tests). You're in the clear; well over 30 semester units.</p>