UC Winter 2021 Transfers

Hi! Is there anyone out there who also planning on applying to transfer for the Winter 2021 quarter? I’m planning on applying to UCSC for the Winter and was hoping to find others in a similar position! :slight_smile:

Hi, I have the same plan as you. I am planning to apply to UCSC for the Winter. What major are you in?

@jhe132 Hey! Sorry I just saw this. I’m Environmental Studies, what about you?

My major is Computer Science, have you receive any decision back from UCR or SC?

I don’t think UCSC had CS for winter quarter admission (please tell me they didn’t, lol). They did have CS: Game Design though, and IDK about UCR (they prob did).

Yes, it is correct. UCSC has CS Game Design in the Winter, but UCR has CS in the Winter. These are the majors I applied in the Winter.

BTW Did you apply for the Winter? Did you receive any decision back?

If UCSC had CS for the winter, then I would’ve applied for that. I didn’t apply to UCR because I have more classes to finish by spring 2021, but I will use my TAG there for fall 2021.

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So did you apply to UCSC for the Winter? It sounds like you did not apply since UCSC only offers Game Design in the Winter. This is my third year in CC, so I have already most courses required for the major prep for most UC’s.

I actually go to UCR right now haha I’m a UC to UC transfer, only applied to UCSC! We find out starting September 15th and I’m super nervous! Good luck :slight_smile:

Hi! I applied to UCR for Winter 2021. They said they would post admission decisions in early September but haven’t heard anything.

I just got notification that I got accepted into UCR

Congrats @chrissydjb !! Are you going to go? I’m supposed to find out tomorrow my decision about UCSC tomorrow and I’m definitely checking at midnight hahaha.

I just check minutes ago, nothing comes out yet. Hopefully, the decision will come in the afternoon.

Anyone receive decisions from SC yet? I am wondering if they will post decisions in the order they received the application.

I haven’t gotten my decision yet. I just found this page though and it appears that all UCSC winter transfer applicants will find out today. https://admissions.ucsc.edu/apply/transfer-not-admitted.html
If you click on “when did you send your decisions out?” it says today. I’m super nervous, wishing you the best of luck!! Be sure to post on here when you get your decision :slight_smile:

So maybe check again at 5 or 3 pm, I think all decisions will be post at that time. Good luck to all of you!

BTW, when you log in to your portal, it only said sending out beginning Sep. 15. I have no idea about which is accurate.

Yeah I know it says that in the portal but the website says all today and it wasn’t there earlier so I’m gonna go with the website. I’ll probably check again in about an hour!

Did you check it? I don’t have the courage to check it again.

Hahaha I felt that. I just checked and nothing yet.

Still nothing! Dang. Hopefully it comes out soon.

Thinking if I should check it or wait for the email. It is 5 already, and the day is over.