UCA vs Common App

<p>which one is better?
UCA doesn't have many things as common app.
also will universities prefer CA over UCA?
applying to ivies listed in UCA</p>

<p>CA is the standard. I have never met someone using UCA (new as of 2007/8). If the college accepts it, it is fine to use, however be very careful that all materials the college requires are sent, if they are not part of the UCA. Some colleges don’t require those additional materials, which makes UCA easier, but it may be to your benefit to provide it. Sometimes a college says something is optional, but if it is a competitive college it is almost always in your interest to supply it. I would use CA.</p>

<p>UCA asks for your personal statement whereas CA asks for a essay on a particular topic. Does this differentiate students applying either CA or UCA?
I am applying to Cornell Ed and princeton.</p>