UCB Engineering OOS and Stanford Engineering.

<p>PEOPLE! UCB Engineering OOS is JUST AS COMPETITIVE AS (if not more than) Stanford engineering.</p>

<p>I mean think about it. People who apply to Stanford EA and people who apply to Berkeley engineering OOS are not THAT different, and the acceptance rates are 20% at Stanford EA vs like what, ~7% at Berkeley College of Engineering OOS?</p>

<p>Do not say someone's chance of UCB Engineering OOS is match and say Stanford is "reach because it's reach for everyone".</p>

<p>I think it's a huge misconception that HYPSM is reach for everyone. The ISEF winner is a guaranteed match (at least 70% chance of admission according to my definition) at HYPS. RSI alumni are matches at HYPSM (80% get accepted to MIT). TASP alumni are at least slight reaches at HYPSM. Olympic athletes are matches at HYPS (maybe not MIT).</p>


<p>Flippy I agree, all those OOS people think Cal's Engineering is a match. I mean WTH, no way is it a match for everyone. As you said it is a 7% chance for OOS to go in. </p>

<p>Everyone beliefs that HYPSM is harder to get into, but it is not true for OOS into Cal Engineering because most of the spots are reserved for native Californians due to state laws and the school charter.</p>

<p>Also, Cal's Engineering Program exudes suffering, if you do go in. Nothing like crazy weeders designed to fail students out of Cal due to what is known as the "Engineering Trap."</p>

<p>I'm glad I'm not in Engineering, though my friends are suffering/will be suffering soon.</p>