*UCB Freshman Class of 2025 Waitlist and Appeal discussion*

did anyone get accepted off of the waitlist, or did everyone get the same email?

I got the same email.

So they’ve mostly filled up FPF already?

I guess everyone is losing hope… IS TIME TO MOVE ON!!!

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It could be due to the housing situation. I heard that UCB is putting two students instead of three in most triple rooms in the dorms due to COVID restrictions, which can put a big strain on how many they can admit. So sad and damn unfair to those of us in the WL.

This from the UC Berkeley website:

Campus Housing for Academic Year 2021–22

Cal Housing expects to send housing offers to First-Year Students in mid-June. Housing offers are delayed as we wait for final approval on occupancy levels.

With UC Berkeley’s announcement of plans to return to primarily in-person instruction in fall 2021, Cal Housing looks forward to welcoming students to our campus residence halls and apartments in the coming year.

In our residence halls, we plan to offer mostly double rooms, with some triple rooms and some single rooms. If you have been assigned to a triple room, you will have two roommates; if you have been assigned to a double room, you will have one roommate. We anticipate that campus apartments will continue to operate at their normal capacity for 2021–22.

However, occupancy levels are not yet confirmed and could be higher or lower, depending on public health guidance. We will update this website and send email communication to housing applicants and incoming residents as soon as there is new information available.

“mostly double rooms, with some triple rooms and some single rooms.”

Hopefully they get the greenlight to have the normal amount of students, as log as they are vaccinated.

That’s a mystery – whether they’ve filled up FPF. On this forum we only saw a tiny number – maybe 3 to 5 – of FPF admits, and the same goes for reddit. I don’t know what was reported on discord. So the question that we could not answer was how they would find a sufficient number of FPF students without getting a lot more off the WL, since FPF is a program by itself.

Can someone post a new discord link?

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@asfh23 could you please send the invite to the discord group?