*UCB Freshman Class of 2025 Waitlist and Appeal discussion*

Thank you! For your response to my query as well as the previous post elaborating the waitlist standing. Very helpful information.

if i applied to the college of chemistry and was waitlisted, am i now in the letters and science pool?

Did you opt into the waitlist yet? You should then be able to make your choices. LOR’s were not an option last year for the waitlist.

Can you send a screen shot of waitlist options and portal since I do not access.

College courses could be dual enrollment courses but also AP courses you are taking Senior year.

No, UCB will usually consider your first choice major.

thank you!

So if my classes are still in session for the Spring semester, do I put incomplete as my grade?

My son got in last year from the WL. (And enrolled). As far as I know, every L&S student that we knew who was on the WL had to do FPF. My son did it. Got a science requirement out of the way. It was fine. The class choices in FPF weren’t that plentiful, but he did have very good professors.

Do you have in-progress as an option?

Do we submit a letter of rec??

Recommendations are you should submit the documents indicated on the Waitlist portal. If LOR’s are an option, then you can upload. Unless things have changed from the last few years, LOR’s were not an option for Waitlisted students only the optional essay and grades.

If someone has the LOR option, please correct me.

Hi, can anyone tell me how to write an appeal letter to UCB?
Is there a format or something?

Here is some appeal information.

Q: Can I appeal my admission decision?
A: Any applicant who is denied admission may submit an appeal. (Note: Appeals from students on the wait list will not be considered.) We strongly discourage an appeal unless you can provide significant new information for us to consider. Our freshman selection process involves a careful, individual reading of each application, and it is very unlikely that we will choose to reverse our original decision. If you do have significant new information to present and decide to appeal our admissions decision, all Appeal requests are due by May 1, 2021.
Appeals completed by May 1 will be considered on time and will receive a response by June 1, 2021. In the appeal letter, you must provide significant new information (i.e., semester grades, additional achievements) for us to consider. Advise us of any change in your email address in case we need to contact you during the appeal process.
Even if you choose to appeal, we recommend that you do not delay in accepting an admission offer from another college or university. We do NOT accept appeals mailed via postal mail, telephone, fax, or email. All appeal requests must be made using the form on MAP@Berkeley FAQs.

You need new and compelling information for an appeal to have merit. I would introduce the basis for your appeal, list the facts and why you would be an asset to UCB if admitted.

Thank you so much!

Nope, there are no options. Just all fill in the blanks.

I would put in-progress. It sounds better than incomplete.

Great, thanks!

if you accept the waitlist, and then get in later, do you have to go? (is it binding?)

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i appealed in the past and kinda followed the format that you’d use for a WL letter (application updates followed by why i would fit in at cal)

Here are the infos:
By pathway I meant the message below…
"The wait list opt-in form will provide you the opportunity to submit an optional essay, upload your 7th semester grades, and let us know which first-year pathways you would be willing to accept if offered a space.

​If space is available after May 1, all confirmed wait list candidates will be reviewed as a group. Admissions staff members will offer admission to those students we believe complete the class. If you are offered admission after May 1, you will have seven days to accept your offer of admission, pay your deposit, apply for campus housing, and select your pathway (if applicable)."

The thing is I dont see any place on opt-in where we can choose a pathway.
In addition, by coursework I meant they offer the place where it indicated “coursework(for college coursework only)”, does this mean AP or courses I took at an actual college like CC. Thank you

No, the waitlist is not binding. You can choose to accept or decline.