*UCB Freshman Class of 2025 Waitlist and Appeal discussion*

Ohh ok. Thanks

Is it true that it’s hard to get off the waitlist for engineering majors? @Gumbymom

@Gumbymom do u know if it’s hard to get into legal studies off the WL

I cannot give you stats about how many get off the waitlist for Engineering, but it is usually a very low percentage historically. UCB does not breakout their waitlist admits by major.

UCB does not breakout their waitlist admits by major but most will be in the College of Letters and Sciences which does not admit by major anyways.


If my major was engineering undeclared, would Cal admit me off the waitlist for only that major or could I potentially get admitted to L&S undeclared?

UCB does not consider alternate majors so if admitted off the waitlist, it would be into Engineering.

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Hello guys, I have a question here: Since everyone got admitted to L&S as undeclared, do you somehow still have priority to enroll in the courses related to the major you listed in your UC Application? Like if I want to be a Data Science major (as indicated in the UC App), do I have the priority to take the DSC courses compared to those who selected a different major in the UC App? I am just worried that I wouldn’t be able to declare my major especially if I am admitted through the waitlist and not able to sign up for courses needed to declare the major. Any info would be appreciated, thanks!

No L&S does not admit by major, which means u have the same priority for choosing classes as someone major in literature or history.

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Got it, thanks!


Should I send additional emails to admission officers after opt-in?

No, do not bother admissions.


I heard from my counselor that applying to the ChangeMaker program will give me a better chance than applying to FPF, because changeMaker is a newer program that less ppl apply to(while basically everyone applies to FPF)…

Yeah i heard the same thing as well. I’m considering changing to that program since it gives everyone a single dorm, and I’m so annoyed by my hs roomie lol

Emmm so should I do it? I’ll still have a chance to get the traditional pathway right?

I would recommend doing it to increase the chance if Berkeley’s ur dream school. And yeah it’s just an choice so u’ll still be able to get the traditional.

Does anyone know how they assess people off waitlist? Like how much do they look at ur original application? Wondering bc i had a huge GPA increase this year from my former years.

Also, on the waitlist opt in form, mine only has a check mark for FPF, not Changemakers. Is that the same as ur guys’?

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I only have FPF as well, no Changemakers.

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