UCB/UCLA and Assist?

<p>Do you know how important in UCB/UCLA transfer admissions is it to complete the requirements for the major listed on ASSIST?</p>

<p>I know I will have completed 4/7 of the required courses for my intended major. Is that going to hurt my chances? This is primarily because I wasn't sure I was even going to transfer from my four-year CA private University, and I was even lucky enough to even have completed these 4 courses in time.</p>

<p>Also, just out of curiosity, how would you guys rate USC compared to UCB and UCLA? Those are really the only 3 school I am considering transferring to at this point.</p>

<p>The problem is, I am not even sure I should transfer because I will end up graduating a year later than expected. I am already ahead by two years, so I would graduate from college in 3 years total, but I don't know if it is worth it. On the other hand, if I stay at my current University, I would graduate in only 2 years.</p>

<p>Anyone? Collegeman?</p>

<p>It is of extreme importance to complete assist before transfer because econ at both those colleges are both very competitive majors. Also since you already attend a 4 year institution it is harder to transfer from there than a person at a CCC. They prioritize people at 2 year schools and they consider people at a 4 year school already taken cared of. I’m sorry to say that your chances are slim with those factors against you.</p>

<p>What college do you currently attend? What’s the reason for transferring? What classes will you be unable to complete? Does that statistics class articulate to Berkeley? Most statistics classes don't because they need a calculus perquisite.</p>

<p>I don't have a good reason for transferring. I am just considering these two schools because of the prestige factor. I will not get the chance to complete Calculus 2, Statistics for Economics, and Microeconomic Theory upon transferring. </p>

<p>The Econ-prerequesites that I have completed are Micro, Macro, Calculus 1, and English 1 all with A's. So basically, I have completed 4/7 of the Assist courses. </p>

<p>However, I might be able to complete Stat for Economics this Winter Intersession, but I don't know if that will be worth it considering I am not sure of my chances of actual admission, and I would be fine with simply staying at my current University (although not completely enthralled).</p>

<p>Considering everything I have mentioned (and my 3.62 GPA last year and current 3.5 from my four-year institution) what do you think my chances are out of 10?</p>

<p>Keep in mind I just have average EC's, essays, and recs. Nothing special although my GPA is quite solid considering I took a lot of difficult classes.</p>

<p>Btw, I have completed six courses at a CCC and two out-of-state during the summer.</p>

<p>You’re actually in good shape with the classes. I was asking about your school because I was woundering what classes articulate for your school. The Statistics for Economics and Microeconomic Theory are usually classes which don't articulate for Berkeley. Most transfers end up taking those 2 classes once they have transferred. I wouldn't bother taking those classes because it could be a waste of time. You especially need a good reason to transfer to mention at your personal essay and not just because your after prestige. Also UCLA requires fewer classes than Berkeley. If you take a class defiantly take Calc II because it would give you the most benefit. I personally think your UCLA chances are better. I can't give you a rating because I don't know how much they actually prioritize other students compared to those already at 4 year institutions.</p>